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Trans-Galactic Tournament PS4

Disclaimer: This is a review of a game that is currently in beta and as such it will be more informal than my usual writing. Also, I don't play MOBA's.

Let me preface this review by saying that I do not regularly play MOBA's such as your League of Legends or Heroes of The Storm or DOTA's and such. That being said, Trans-Galactic Tournament tries it's hardest to be a MOBA and for all intents and purposes, it is one, but it just isn't a very good one.

Trans-Galactic Tournament

There's no story here, as expected, it is a Battle Arena after all. However, it does consist of 3 game modes with 3 game types. QuickMatch allows you to jump into a random ranked match, League is a ranked match with your choice of game type, and Practice is just what you would expect. The 3 game types include Plunderball which is a spin on capture the flag, except you use a ball instead of a flag. Conquest is a King of The Hill mode where the objective is to keep points. Lastly, Annihilation is Team Deathmatch.

Trans-Galactic Tournament

At the time of this review there are 13 available champions. Each champion can be one of three types: Defensive, Offensive, or Support. Defensive characters are the tanks of the game with a lot of health but low damage output, Offensive types do high damage with lower health, and Support characters provide buffs to the team or ailments to opponents. It's all pretty standard stuff.

Trans-Galactic Tournament

Controls feel right at home if you've played an MMO or MOBA using controller before. Right stick to aim, left stick to move. Right trigger is your characters main attack and the other trigger and two bumpers are used for supporting attacks such as long range offense or trap moves.

Trans-Galactic Tournament

Daily challenges are a nice addition to the game and they allow you to get in game currency for completing them. Simple things such as: play one match or win using a specific character. Microtransactions are, unsurprisingly, prevalent within the game. At first, I was upset to see microtransactions in an open beta but then I realized that data will transfer over to the full game so it's not a bad thing to have.

Trans-Galactic Tournament

I don't want to be one of those reviewers who bashes a game because they don't understand it or don't enjoy it unlike other "journalists", but I truly don't see the appeal of Trans-Galactic Tournament. It attempts to be on par with DOTA and LOL, but falls short. However, it is a beta so things can surely change for the better. 2 TOV stars out of 5.


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Trans-Galactic Tournament PS4
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