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The Final Destination Movie Review

Your friendly neighborhood reporter is back and this time I went 3D for The Final Destination and was only let down a little. First of all, for everyone who has been living under a rock for a couple of years Final Destination’s story line is very basic: someone has a vision of people dying, freaks out, and gets a bunch of people safe, they all die in the way he had the vision and usually someone survives until the next movie. Now I have seen all the past films and have been a little let down. And this movie just follows all the others.

We start off at a racetrack and four friends Nick (Bobby Campo), Lori (Shantel VanSanten), Hunt (Nick Zano), and Janet (Haley Webb) are together when Nick has a vision that there will be an accident. He freaks out, wakes up and feels like he’s having déjà vu. He goes crazy knocking down a couple of people, they run out of the stadium and we begin. Now did I mention that this movie was in 3D? Right off the bat the movie has you interested; I guarantee you’ll jump within the first two minutes and it’s not even nasty or gory. (Watch the car?) So let me say that watching this film in 3D made the experience so much better.

Now for all fans of the series we all know the running gag and this movie doesn’t fail. But I really believe they missed a golden opportunity when the bum threw the penny for someone later to pick it up and WHAM!!! You all know what I am talking about! But someone still gets finished by the running gag. Now a really interesting point about this movie besides the 3D BOOBIES (OH YEAH!!!) is the allowance of racism. They say that only rednecks go to race tracks and they drop the N bomb. Now the funny thing is how the racist (Justin Welborn) who dropped the N bomb dies and how everyone in the theater cheered when he finally got it.

The Good

Well like I said watching the movie in 3D made the movie so much better. Did I mention 3D BOOBIES!!!!

The Bad

The story line was very basic; it followed protocol with all other Final Destination movies and it was a little dry. Not enough blood splattering for the 3D; I wanted to feel like the blood was all over the place. Most of the kills were so predictable you don’t have enough time to get surprised. The end of the movie was so boring when I expected so much more.

The Ugly

The use of racism in the film. I know that nowadays a lot of movies have racism but dropping the N bomb and saying that all people that go to races are rednecks, that’s so close minded.

So in conclusion, if you go see this movie you will be let down a little. But seeing it in 3D was awesome!! I’m giving this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars and it has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!!!

Peace up out!!!!


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The Final Destination Movie Review
The Good: The 3D
The Bad: The Plot
The Ugly: Racism
TOV 5 star rating: 3.5 stars
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