Total Performance Short Film Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. Way back in 2010, I reviewed a film called “Dumping Lisa”, a comedy that centered on a couple of guys who ran a dumping service (Booty Boot I believe it was called). We fast-forward to today and I’m about to put you guys onto a short film called “Total Performance”. It centers on a similar concept, only it’s not so “off the wall” as the other feature.

Total Performance

“Total Performance”, is a company that goes by the same name as the title of the film, and it's more or less a company that provides a partner who will aid you in getting out of confrontational situations such as a break-up, divorce, or firing of an employee, rather than taking the direct approach like “Dumping Lisa”. The short mainly centers on Cori (Tory Berner), and it kicks off where she’s out on a date with a dude named Tim (Steven Conroy) as she explains her job function. Little does Cori know, Tim is about to flip the script on her and request her talents in helping him break up with his girlfriend of four years - a girlfriend he failed to mention during their date. While things look rather bleak for Tim, we don’t get to see the outcome of his situation. So, who's to say how it actually ends. Does he stay with his girlfriend? Or does he go for the break-up? And what about Cori, what does the future hold for her? That's all for the viewer to decide.

Total Performance

I wonder if a company such as “Total Performance” actually exists. I mean, I usually have a tough time with confrontational situations, so having a company that could send someone over to give me a little confidence boost, should do the trick. Then again there’s always “Booty Boot”.

Total Performance

The Good:

I have to say, I really enjoyed ‘Total Performance” and it screams to be a story that belongs in a much larger film. I say this because I would have liked to have explored more of Tory’s character, Cori as well as to see how things conclude between her, Tim and the girlfriend. But as a short it works and works well; the main plot is pretty solid and it’s evenly paced so that it flows rather smoothly through its short 17-minute run. But what works the most would be the chemistry between Tory and Steven; while Tory gets the highest nods for being bubbly but not overdoing it, as well as carrying much of the film, she plays off well against Steven’s Tim character. And that’s the film’s biggest seller. And Timothy Cox (What Jack Built, Night Jobs) gets a brief cameo as a CEO who needs to fire his best friend. I kind of wished I could have seen that play out too. In the end, “Total Performance”, stands out as one of the finest shorts I’ve had the pleasure to view this year.

Total Performance

The Bad:

As I mentioned above, I wish the film could have been a bit longer. And I could actually see it as a full feature. Also, I’m not always a fan of the “open endings”, and I feel this one could have closed out on something rather than leaving it up in the air for the viewer.

Total Performance

The Ugly:


Total Performance

Are you a tad bit curious about “Total Performance”? Well be curious no more as you can check out the short below; its 17 minutes of a solid story and strong performances that won’t disappoint. Well, the ending might, but getting there makes the experience worthwhile. And out of TOV 5 stars, I’m gonna give “Total Performance” a 4.

Total Performance from Sean Meehan on Vimeo.


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