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Ventev Powercell 10000+ Battery Charger Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. Over the past couple of years, battery life in our mobile devices has improved greatly. And that’s a good thing because that’s less time we’ll spend trying to find a space to plug in when we’re running low and more time (hopefully) being productive (playing Candy Crush is NOT productive). But that doesn’t mean you should be without a portable battery option. And returning to TOV is Ventev, who when I last saw the company, we were hanging out at the previous Pepcom Holiday Showcase and now they’re back in the Val-Cave with the successor to the Powercell 6000+ - the Powercell 10000+. And what an improvement it is!

Ventev Powercell 10000+

The Powercell 10000+, is similar in style to its predecessor the 6000+; it’s a battery pack that allows you to charge it up either through USB or wall charger on the side, rather than against the back of the pack. What separates it from the 6000+ is that this unit contains one USB port, which you can not only use to charge up the unit but also plug in to charge your portable device. But the highlight of the pack is the built in cables – one MicroUSB and one Apple Lightning. This works out well if you own both types of devices or wishing to share the pack with a family, friend or coworker who might be low on juice. Finally, at the top of the device, you have your power button and LED readout, which lets you know at the push of a button, just how much of a charge is left in the pack.

Ventev Powercell 10000+

My first time use of the 10000+, I brought the pack up to 100% by using the wall charger, keeping it full by using the USB option. I drained my Nexus 6 to about 10% and plugged it into the built in MicroUSB (rapid charge) for 15 minutes, which brought me up to 20%. In that same instance, I plugged the Nexus into the USB port for the same amount of time and went from 20% to 26%. So you get more from the built-in cable than you would the USB, but ultimately you could charge up to three devices simultaneously if you wanted to. Finally, and if you’re interested (and you are), you can plug the battery pack into the wall whilst charging your device through the USB or built-in cable(s). Now that might be an awkward setup (especially when using the built-in cable) but from what I was told by the rep, the unit would first allow for your device to charge then switch over to charge the pack. So, does Ventev's latest gizmo pass the test? Well you already know, but let's go a bit further with the TOV Breakdown.

Ventev Powercell 10000+

The Bang:

Ventev’s Powercell 10000+ is a traveler’s/commuter's dream portable battery pack; for one, you’re given multiple options to charge the pack – by either plugging it into the wall directly or attaching it to your laptop through the USB. So you’re never short on options if the pack is running low. Next you’re capable of not only charging multiple devices, but two totally different devices, if you happen to have devices that can make use of the MicroUSB and Lightning cables. This comes in handy not only for yourself, but also if you’d like to share the unit with someone else. And in a crowded work or school environment, you know there’s gonna be someone who has a device different than yours, but will ask you anyway to borrow your charger, which you won’t have… unless you have the Powercell 10000+. Finally, I like the idea of the LED readout, which gives me a specific number of just how much juice I have left, rather than four indicator lights, which most battery packs have. Also the unit, unlike the 6000+, does shutdown once it’s completely full. So if you’re unfamiliar with the Ventev name, get familiar as they’ll soon become a household name if they keep churning out quality products such as the Powercell 10000+.

Ventev Powercell 10000+

The Slack:

My first objection would be the placement of the wall plug; I would have preferred the “flat against the back” placement as opposed to it being on the side. I think it would sit better in this regard as plugging the unit on its side makes it easier to either fall out or get knocked out of the wall socket. Finally I feel that the built-in cable should be more flexible or if additional slack could be added (maybe a retractable cable); while in my bag, when my phone is plugged into the unit, it sometimes falls out plus when plugging into the built-in cable, the reach is a little awkward.

Ventev Powercell 10000+

Ventev’s Powercell 10000+ is available now and if you’re an owner of multiple portable devices – especially in the iOS and Android department, then picking up this battery pack is a wise investment. Not only can you charge multiple devices but also have multiple recharging options for the pack, which makes picking this one up a wise investment. And out of TOV 5 stars, I’m gonna go ahead and give the Ventev Powercell 10000+ a score of 4.5 and it’s been Valkor tested, TOV Approved!

Ventev Powercell 10000+

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Ventev Powercell 10000+ Battery Charger Review
The Bang: Multiple options, LED display
The Slack: side wall plug, cable needs more slack
TOV 5 star rating: 4.5 stars

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