• Otterbox 7030 Laptop Case Review

Valkor Update: The 7030 does come with an optional pouch for placing pens, business cards. And you can get it from the website at a cost of about 24.95. Not bad and it definitely ups the score to 4.5. Only way it would get a perfect if the pouch came with it. But still its good to know the option is there.

Hey folks Valkor here and welcome to a new addition into our world here at TOV. It goes without question that if we’re gonna do tech, we may as well “take it to the next level” and start doing TechGear. And what better way to kick things off than by introducing CES 2007 Company of interest “OtterBox”. Otterbox makes some interesting, hard-shell protective cases that keep your expensive personal items well protected. I was impressed by their line up and now I’m salivating at the chance to try out the OtterBox 7030 hard-shell laptop case; because a guy like me who is always on the go, needs his laptop to be well protected and the OtterBox case does it with ease. Read on to find out.

otterbox 7030 laptop case

First let’s talk about the dimensions, its 14.2” wide, 11.2” deep, 1.9” thick, so this case is pretty damn slim. It kinda looks like a briefcase a spy would use; I mean it looks that cool. Taken from the website the 7030 has a case hard enough that you can stand it. Now with my 200 plus weight, am I that bold to try that out with my own laptop? It’s the Val-cave baby, that’s what I do. And yea that statement so far holds true as I was able to to stand on the case without it so much as cracking. Nice! My only worry is the strap seems a bit flimsy. It’s not your standard cloth strap, but a mix of cloth and soft rubber (the part that rest on your shoulder), which I worry about longevity of the strap should it happen to rip or tear.

The 7030 is capable of holding most 15” laptops; I’m not sure about the 17” laptops but without the bumpers my widescreen Toshiba Tecra barely squeezes inside. (With the bumpers it’s a no go). The good news is even without the bumpers my laptop fits securely with no jostling. Lastly with the bumpers in place you can use your laptop within the case, which works for me because when I’m in the airport waiting for my flight, I wanna be ready to close up shop and gear up to board. The only negatives I have for this case is that it doesn’t have any folders or pouches for storing small items or separating documents. Things can get kinda messy especially if I’m at a convention and I get a lot of press releases and cards - everything will be everywhere in the case. In the next version I hope these features are included. Other than that I’m pretty pleased with the OtterBox 7030 solely for the fact that I can take my laptop where I want and it’s pretty secure from stuff dropping on it, people who might accidentally step on it, or if liquids spill on it. The OtterBox 7030 retail for $170 and you can purchase it directly from the company by clicking the link nextdoor. And the 7030 has been Valkor tested TOV approved.