• Ankit Stay Tru Earplugs with G-Bass Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. So JayDub (Dude over at 2D-X) and I were chillin the last day of CES, perusing the show floor and scopin some last minute gadgetry when we were yanked over to this booth by this hottie, askin us to check out these earbuds. As soon as we get there my Skull Candy sticker that was strapped to my badge holder was stripped and I knew then it was "on!" There's a new company called Ankit and they want you to know that their earplugs are the shit and everyone elses just eats it… well not everyone… just Skullcandy… and maybe Bose, in certain cases. Now to me that's a direct Val-Cave challenge and I couldn't pass it up. So I snag a set, unleash the fury of the cave's circuitry upon it and though I gave it all I've got, in the end Ankit stayed true to their word and their earbuds are pretty "bad ass" in sound and design.

Ankit Stay Tru Earplugs with G-Bass

First off, Ankit's plugs are somewhat similar to Bloomingbuds – only better. With Bloomingbuds, you have to clip a bud on each ear and yea you can mix and match designs. But with Ankit's set on each bud you get a pretty swank, metallic design already attached – no pop-out. Choose from a Skull, a bear, a butterfly, or snake; yea from experience, people will stare. Finally the plugs are ergonomic in that they kinda slant in rather than plug straight forward. This means the plugs will fit better and with different size plug covers, you'll get the most comfort. So definite plus points in design.

But it's the sound quality I was curious about. Ankit's earphones tout G-Bass, which is supposed to offer a rich and clear sound. Also the drivers in the plugs are shielded by a metal inlay offering some noise-cancelling. So when the music starts, you drown out quite a bit of background noise. And these babies don't just sound great audio-wise. What about video? I had the chance to check out my favorite video: Polar Express DVD, which is my number one audio reference video. Before I get into my full-blown review, first how would Ankit's earplugs match against a similar pair of headphones.

Ankit Stay Tru Earplugs with G-Bass

Vs. AblePlanet NC-200 – The NC-200 was the best of the best when it comes to headphones offering crystal clear audio, a really rich bass, audio clarity that surpassed most high-end headphones. Then steps in Ankit and they edge close to their quality with Ankit's G-Bass, which is just below that of the NC-200. Music on both are crystal clear on all levels of MP3s and the bass is nice and rich. For video once again the NC-200's squeak by, with Ankit's earplugs staying close behind. Positional sound is there and the Ankit's plugs really capture tiny background noises as well tearin it up with the bass.

But how did they really fare?

The Bang:

I was impressed - really impressed. And to be honest I tried them out on the showfloor, but I had not plugged them all the way into my ears, so yea I was a bit skeptical. But now that I have my own pair I can honestly say that Ankit's plugs sound awesome! That promised rich bass and clear sound is there. And what about the comfort? A definite yes! I barely knew they were in my ears and I didn't have a problem with them slipping out thanks to their design. And finally the metallic outer design works great and hey there's something for everyone. Oh and did I mention that if you buy a pair of Ankit's earplugs, they'll plant a tree? Get ready to start plantin plenty-a trees dudes because these shits are gonna blow-up.

Ankit Stay Tru Earplugs with G-Bass

The Slack:


Ankit Stay Tru Earplugs with G-Bass

Overall Ankit, you've won the Val-Cave challenge with your earplugs that offer up all that great sound and design quality; definitely worth the investment for anyone looking for a unique pair of plugs. Out of TOV 5 stars I gave Ankit's plugs a 5 Star perfect store and they've been Valkor tested and TOV approved.