• Art of The Devil 3 (Long Khong 2) DVD Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. A few months back I reviewed an excellent horror film from Thailand titled "Art of the Devil 2", and to quote me directly: Great story, lots of gore, and an ending that on a scale of one to ten ranks 9 in the shock factor. Now the third film "Art of the Devil 3" aka "Long Khong 2", has entered the Val-Cave. But can I say the same as I did about the first? Not quite, but let me stress that you need to see this film as it completes (Or begins??) the second and brings it all to a close.

Art of the Devil 3

The Story

"Art of the Devil 3" takes place before the events of "Art of the Devil 2", and begins with Ta's return home. Just to catch you guys up a bit, in AOTD 2, Ta was in jail for being a juvenile delinquent. I won't go into too much detail as I don't wanna spoil that film. But now he's home after 10 years to live with his great-grandmother, his aunt, the aunt's boyfriend and grandfather. The grandfather wants to bring Ta's mother back to life, and he even kept her body mummified in salt until Ta was old enough to complete the ritual because as a kid Ta failed to speak the prayer that would resurrect his mom. To bring back the mother they would need a host body, to which they turn to his sister's Teacher, Panoh. Panoh was responsible for Ta's mother and eventually the father's death (Again more details you get in AOTD 2). So the family gets together, kidnap Panoh, and lock away her spirit so that the mother's spirit can take over her body. Oh, and lest I forget to mention, Panoh has the "3rd Eye", which gives her all sorts of crazy powers. In doing this ritual, the family unleashes all hell unto the household, and the fate of Ta and his family is finally revealed.

Art of the Devil 3

The Good

I can sum up "Art of the Devil 3" in two words - "FUCK YEA"!! It isn't what I was expecting because it doesn't have the same "OH MY GOD!!" ending that literally floored me in AODT2, but the film is definitely intense and a real closer to the series, if in fact this is the final AOTD. This is Ta's film and if you've seen AOTD 2 you will understand why the producers went in this direction and I give them much praise for it. What happens to Ta and his family finally unfolds, though with less gore than the second film, but it's still pretty damn squeamish to watch certain scenes. The acting is pretty good by the main actors, but Napakprapa Nakprasit as Panoh is the show stealer, mainly because her chanting creeps me the hell out. I mean it's so damn creepy that I hear it in my sleep! And she's beautiful, seductive, and scary all at the same time. Whoever cast her in the role should definitely be getting bonus pay because you can't get any more perfect than this.

The Bad

The scare factor is taken down a notch, only because if you've watched part 2, then you pretty much know how this one will end. It's not necessarily a bad thing, and it's more of a nitpick on my part because the story is damn good. Plus the gore isn't up to par with AOTD 2, but it still has some bite to it and there are scenes where you will cringe. Oh ya, no nudity? Oh, come on! Panoh is hot as hell; we should have at least gotten a peek, just a peek at some of her delicious bewbage! We get male bare ass (UGH) but nothing female? Damn!

Art of the Devil 3

The Ugly


With Halloween approaching, you might wanna get the jump on films you wanna add to your rotation to get your scare on. If so, try and get a copy of both Art of the Devil 2 and 3. Watch the 2nd film first then go to the 3rd; trust me you'll be in for a treat. Though the gore and ending don't match up with AOTD 2, "Art of the Devil 3" DVD aka "Long Khong 2" is still loads of fun, with a great chunk of gore and suspense that will definitely keep you glued to your seat until the very end. And just like part 2, I'm gonna give "Art of the Devil 3", 4 stars. DO NOT PASS THIS UP.

Art of the Devil 3