• Tritton AX 180 Gaming Headset Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. The folks at Tritton have stepped up to the Val-Cave challenge once more. The first was with the AX 720 Dolby headphones, which was put through the wringer by Alacran. And now we take things back a step by introducing the AX 180; they're not as powerful as their big brother but they do pack quite a punch.

To start, the AX 180's are smaller in design than the 720s and don't come with the encoder box. But out of the box you get a standard pair of cushioned headphones (on both ears and on the head piece) with an extra long cord attached along with a controller for switching between consoles and controlling the volume. On the left ear is a port for the attached microphone, which can also be controlled independently of the volume, on the switcher. You also get extra adapters so that you can use the headphones with your PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. For this round of tests I go with the PS3 option with the setup going rather smoothly. Now having experienced the AX 720 and the AX 900 prior to this plus Al's reviews, what do I think of the youngest brother of the threesome?

Tritton AX 180 Gaming Headset

The Bang:

For the price you're gonna pay, you'll get a strong pair of headphones with the AX 180. Playing Batman Arkham Asylum was an experience as the headphones were capable of handling directional sound, though the transition from hearing sounds going from left to right isn't as smooth as on the big boys, it still holds up pretty solid. The quality is crystal clear and the bass is set at just the right levels as to not be overwhelming, but strong enough to complete the experience. What I truly like most of all is the length of the cord, as that was my initial worry. But when I saw that it actually stretched the 4 – 5 feet from where my PS3 is to my couch, I was sassified (not a missplelling). As far as movies and music go, the audio quality shines once again and whipping out my sound reference DVD, Polar Express and cueing up the 'Hot Chocolate" number, I was immersed in that wonderful scene. With music, I have a CD with MP3's ranging in quality; the lowest is 128kp and the highest is 320kp, all come across beautifully especially in key reference songs "My Immortal" by Evanescence and Korean pop group H.O.T.'s "Outside Castle". Great job overall.

The Slack:

And I don't mean bad is an terrible, I mean bad as in bad ass; you can actually take off the headphones and audio still comes out crystal clear. So if you're waiting for a package or an important phone call, pump up the volume and rest these bad boys on your shoulder.

Tritton AX 180 Gaming Headset

With holiday shopping underway, I'd put Tritton's AX 180 high on the list as a must give item for any gamer who wants rock solid audio performance within a comfortable pair of headphones all with an affordable price of 69.99 (but you can shop around for lower deals). Out of TOV 5 stars, I give the AX 180's a perfect 5 and they have been Valkor tested and TOV Approved.