• Bro, What Happened? DVD Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. And after sitting through this most recent comedy… I think it’s time I head back into horror, or something other than comedy because this latest flick “Bro, What Happened?”, just turned me off of anything funny. And now I just want to watch people get cut up or blown up... or anything!

Bro, What Happened?

In “Bro, What Happened?” two freshman bros – Phil (Daniel Skelton) and Cal (Albert Minero) attend the campus party of the year. Only when they wake up, they find themselves disoriented, with no clue as to what happened the night before. The only evidence of their one crazy night is the house is a total wreck, there’s a dude in the kitchen making bacon, Phil waking up next to a hotty babe and Cal finding an arrow in his shoulder. What makes it worse for Phil is that is girlfriend, soon to be fiancé and woman he promised his virginity to, Beth (Ashley Theis), is on her way to visit him to talk about their future wedding plans. But before Phil can face her, he has to know if he’s still a virgin. And in order to figure out what happened exactly, Phil and Cal, along with a couple of other partied out minds do their best to piece together this weird twisted puzzle of a night filled with sex, drugs and all sorts of wild shenanigans. Bro… what happened?

Bro, What Happened?

If you’re a fan of The Hangover trilogy – and I’m the biggest fan, even of part three – then you get an idea of where this film is going. It even does the “found the camera” bit, but with video rather than stills. But after watching this film, I can say two things about it right off the bat: one, I didn’t laugh once… no that’s a lie, but I’ll get into that in a bit. And two, I have a serious craving for bacon…

Bro, What Happened?

The Good:

Out of the entire 85 minutes of “Bro, What Happened?”, I only laughed once – ONCE! And it’s kind of a cruel moment and yet so funny. It’s the scene where Cherry (Rebekah Kochan) first kills MF Bob’s (Jamie Kenndy) dog (the scene is replayed twice over). I don’t know why I laughed… I just did. Oh and I can’t forget boobs – there’s lots! Attached to some very attractive women at that! Sooooo, you knooooow… Finally, while this film was loaded with honies, my PerfectView nod goes out to Carlee Baker… yea… she can get it… Look at that image below and tell me I'm wrong! I DARE YOU!

Carlee Baker

The Bad:

It’s simply not funny – not at all. Here’s a film that wants to be “The Hangover” but fails just about every step of the way. It’s like, let’s take everything good about that series… and do the exact opposite! But we’ll toss in more titties! The premise isn’t so bad, but what kills it the most is the acting, which is either really bad or at times waaaaaay over the top - sometimes both (I’m looking at you Minero – you needed to tone that shit down)! Even when you toss in a couple of vets like Jamie Kennedy and Bobby Lee, it still falls short of any laughs. And to be honest, these guys brought nothing funny to the table, especially Bobby Lee, whose scene could have been cut out and this film would not miss a beat. However, Kennedy did fuel my craving for bacon… god I want bacon!

Bro, What Happened?

The Ugly:

After shooting a ping pong into a cup of beer from her vagina that's going through its “mensies”, Jamie (Jo Newman) proceeds to give said cup to bouncer “Beef” (Jason Hadley) and dares him to drink it in five seconds… which he does. And he proudly spits out the ping pong afterwards.

bro, What Happened?

“Bro, What Happened?” is available now on digital and DVD. But why not check out a GOOD comedy instead? It’s not even worth it to watch the trailer for this! You can spend 85 minutes doing… ANYTHING ELSE rather than watch this film, which gets a 0 out of TOV 5 stars!

Bro, What Happened?