• Buried Movie Review

Greetings all, Valkor here. Ryan Reynolds may not be one of my favorite actors; I seem to enjoy him more in a supporting role like in Blade Trinity, or X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but if someone were to ask me to sit and watch a film, that was all Reynolds… I'd probably pass. But then curiosity would set in and I'd wonder – can Ryan Reynolds actually carry an entire film by his lonesome? If you've seen "Buried" then you know he can and if you haven't, then here's what you're missing.

Buried DVD/Blu Ray

Buried revolves around Paul Conroy, a trucker for a company called CRT, in Iraq who were in the midst of delivering supplies, when suddenly their convoy was attacked. Mind you the film doesn't start out this way, it actually begins with Paul awakening from being unconscious to find he's trapped in a box, underground with only a lighter and a cellphone. Later he gets new items like a flashlight and some glow sticks, but that doesn't matter because the dude is TRAPPED in a box, BURIED alive with no way out and his only hope is that damn cellphone that's losing battery life. He desperately calls everyone whom he can think of, to get the help he needs. He's even able to contact the guys who buried him in the first place. And before they let him out, Paul has to come up with 5 million dollars… or else. Oh and that's not all Paul has to deal with, but I won't discuss any more of the film because this is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

It soon becomes a race of "Can Paul and the Cellphone battery, stay alive long enough for help to arrive and locate him?" You'll get your answer and then some as you delve deeper into the rabbit hole that is "Buried".

Buried DVD/Blu Ray

The Good:

First off, this was probably the most excruciating 90 minutes I've ever experience; I felt claustrophobic as the minutes passed, I could feel my longs tightening, the air getting thinner, it was as if I was trapped in that damn box, that when it was all over, I was freakin gasping for air. That's how real it felt and that's how much I connected with the film. Reynolds gives a superb performance, which I didn't expect at all. Here's a man with, literally no way out and you want help to reach him in time.

Total Dick Move (Spoiler Alert):

Paul's CRT boss firing him, while he's trapped underground; what a dick move!! You mean to tell me that the face of your company is more important than one man's life? WHAT A DICK!!!

Buried DVD/Blu Ray

The Ugly:

The Ending is gonna piss off a lot of people. A LOT OF PEOPLE! Even more so than the ending of "Unthinkable".

Buried DVD/Blu Ray

Buried gets a DVD/Blu Ray release on Jan. 18th, 2011 and it's a must see as it's probably the most intense 90 minutes you'll ever sit through, with an amazing performance by Ryan Reynolds. Out of TOV 5 stars, I give Buried 5 stars, Valkor tested and approved? Oh yes, I definitely approve!