CES 2009 PerfectView

Hey folks, Valkor here. And what venture into CES would be complete without some bodacious babes to fill the cockles of our... cockles.... what? Last year I was digicam-less so I wasn't able to take the primest of pics, but this year was different and I've got some choice pics. Enjoy

First hottie of the day, excellent choice Digital Film people, and by that smile everything is gonna be all right.

Shake that ass... but watch yo self!

AAhhhhh... if only I can be on the bottom of that pyramid...

GenAudio has ASTOUNDing taste in babes. And those hips don't lie.

Skull Candy has some badass babes...

These two wanna make me rock out with my... well... you know...

Another dynamic duo, who i'd love to be the meat between those slices.

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