• Targus Grove Laptop bag Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. The folks at Targus have finally completed the CES circle and along with Golla, CaseLogic, and Otterbox, have stepped up to the TechGear challenge and entered the Val-Cave. Their contender: the eco-friendly Grove Laptop bag. How did it fare? While not as great as the endless pockets of CaseLogic’s TK Messenger bag, however it’s definitely suitable for the business man on the go.

Targus Grove

First off, what makes the Grove bag eco-friendly is that its made entirely of recycled material and PVC free (PolyVinyl Chloride). So if your eco-conscientious then this is definitely the bag for you. The Grove is a top loader bag, so no lifting up flaps to place items in the bag. Just unzip, drop, and go. Inside the first compartment is a soft padding for holding your laptop (it can hold my 15.4”, it’s a squeeze but it fits) and will hold it in place with a Velcro strap, leaving the second side to hold papers, books and other items. In front of that is a zip down compartment with 3 pockets and a mesh compartment, the 3 pockets can be used for small items like business cards, small office items, and there's even three pen/pencil holders. One more compartment lies in front of that, again for holding items such as pamphlets, small documents, whatever you can store. You have one soft-sided rear compartment and two side pockets. Well one side pocket, the second opens up as a water bottle holder, a must have on all laptop bags. A cushioned shoulder strap completes the package.

Now On with the review.

The Good

The Grove bag is great if you’re definitely the type that’s always on the move, because you don’t have to fumble with too many compartments and everything is within reach. The addition of the bottle holder is definitely a plus. The soft padding inside offers well enough protection from all the bumps and bangs you’ll run into. Just recently I ventured into NYC, laptop in tow, and those streets are always hectic. But the bag did its thing, though I suffered many bumps and bruises, my laptop is still functional.

Targus Grove

The Bad

The shoulder strap needs to allow a bit more length, because the bag (much like Golla’s Sahara bag), sits too high on my waist. Not as high as Golla's, but high enough that its a bit uncomfortable. Also The laptop compartment needs a bit more breathing room. Like I said previously, it holds my laptop but barely. I really have to give it a little fight to get it in and out the bag.

The Ugly


I gotta give credit where credit is due; the eco-friendliness of the Grove bag is definitely a winner in my book and should be at the top of anyone’s list that needs a bag that you can have quick access to your items. (Minus your laptop, depending on its size). Other than the lack of pockets and a tight shoulder strap, you can’t go wrong with Targus’s Grove Laptop bag. Out of 5 stars I’m giving it 4 and it’s been Valkor tested and TOV approved.