Thalisa InterView

Thalisha, thank you for taking the time to interview with the TOV family. This is a real honor, and we appreciate your time and cooperation.

Let’s get started!

TOV: You have a powerful voice. How long have you been singing, and what made you decide to pursue a career in music?

Thalisha: I’ve been singing since the 1st grade (age 5). I’ve always had the pipes and passion to be a recording artist and everyone always told me that I had the whole package. So I knew if I worked hard at this, that I could make it in this business.

TOV: I see you’re from Washington Heights. One of my favorites sections of New York. Living in New York, you’re exposed to an unbelievable amount of influences, particularly, living in a predominantly Dominican Community there are many Latin, Hip Hop, R&B influences. Who, or what, were influences in your singing career?

Thalisha: There have been lots of talented vocalists that have influenced me to sing while growing up, like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Tamia and Mary J. Blige. But my biggest influence has been Jennifer Lopez. Seeing what she has been able to do in the music world as a Latina has inspired me and pushes me to do my very best.

TOV: You have an agreement with Ecko Red Clothing. How did your relationship with Ecko Red Clothing begin?

Thalisha: Well my relationship with Ecko Red Clothing began when they asked me to sing at their new store opening at Macys on 34th Street in Manhattan. They were having a model search and launching their new section at Macys and wanted me as entertainment. They were looking at Monica first, but my management had a meeting with them and they like my package and chose me. They’ve been supportive of my career ever since.

TOV: You won an Underground Music Award in 2003 for Best R&B female. Was this your first music award? How did that feel? What was your reaction after you received the award?

Thalisha: Yes this was my first music award. It felt great getting an award for all the hard work that I put in, so early in my career. I actually kind of rehearsed my speech a little in my head before they announced the winner because I had faith that all my hard work was going to pay off and that award was going to be coming home with me!! LOL

TOV: You were featured in “Showtime Harlem Show” in 2002, and winning the Showtime Teenz segment. Was this your first TV appearance? How did it feel winning the contest?

Thalisha: Showtime in Harlem was my first TV appearance and it felt great to actually win. I felt like this was my first big test because the crowd at Showtime in Harlem never lies, so to win them over with my performance meant a lot to me.

TOV: I saw you in February on The Roof. You were performing your remix of New York, New York.” Your performance on stage seems amazingly natural. How much time do you spend rehearsing before a show? What’s more difficult, the live performance, or the rehearsal? Why?

Thalisha: I spend an enormous amount of time rehearsing for my shows. Both the rehearsals and the performances are difficult. Rehearsals are just a grind, lots of repetitions and planning. The live shows I have fun doing but every crowd is different so you never know what’s going to get that crowd going, which is why practice is so important. You have to work on a lot of different routines to cater to the crowd you’re performing for.

TOV: How did you hook up with your management, Triple O Management?

Thalisha: Right after my mother spent thousands of dollars on talent agencies that never panned out, a friend of the family introduced me to my manager Jamel Washington. This has been my biggest blessing so far in my life to be backed by a great team, such as Triple O.

TOV: Can you tell us about your next upcoming project? Will there be any collaboration with other entertainers? What’s next for Thalisha?

Thalisha: Well I have a few things coming up right now, some I can talk about others I can’t. I’ll be releasing another mixtape to the streets this June, called Welcome to the Heights Vol. 2. I will also be releasing a single to commercial radio as well. But to keep up to date with what I’m doing, just log on to my website (site no longer available)

TOV: There are not many Latin entertainers in the music industry that surpassed Latin music and crossed over to mainstream. Besides the usual JLO, Mark Anthony, etc. What do you have, compared to mainstream singers, that will put you above the rest? What’s the one key component that says “Yo, Thalisha is HOT?” (And this is besides to cute body).

Thalisha: LOL. Thanks for the compliment. Well I don’t spend much time thinking about other mainstream singers, they do what they do and I do what I do. But what I’m bringing to the table is good music, fun and excitement. I have everything from the club bangers, street anthems, ballads the whole package. Also I’m going to be bringing it vocally! You have a lot of people out there thinking that Latin girls can’t sing because of some of the other Latin singers out there but I’m going to put an end to all of that.

TOV: Some people say they want to stay true to the game, but end up crossing over to mainstream. Do you see yourself as one of these people? Or do you see yourself keeping true to the streets and producing good hiphop/R&B?

Thalisha: Being mainstream is not crossing over at all. I plan on being a mainstream artist because I want my music to be heard by everyone. I’m not an underground artist by any means. I will always try to keep the streets happy but keeping them happy doesn’t mean you can’t be mainstream.

TOV: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Is it still in music? Is it acting? Retired? Resigned? In some unknown part of the Brazilian Jungle, isolated from the world? Somewhere in the Mid-East conducting peace talks?

Thalisha: Somewhere in the Mid-East conducting peace talks…LOL just kidding. We need that but I’m not the person for that job. I’ll definitely still be in the thick of the entertainment world doing all that I can. I’m talking about music, movies, TV EVERYTHING! I’m also going to be starting up my own business as well, maybe a clothing line or shoe line or something like that.

TOV: Getting to your music, what made you decide to make a remix to Ja Rule’s, “New York, New York”? Don’t get me wrong, your mix is hot. As a matter of fact, it’s a Kick Ass remix.

Thalisha: My manager and I record joints like this all the time for my live performances to get the crowd amped but this one came out so hot that we leaked it to a few DJs. The response was overwhelming so we shot a quick little video for it and milked the song for all that we could. It was a great remix for me to do. A perfect way to introduce myself to everyone. I’m glad you liked it; it’s been one of my best remixes so far.

TOV: Your next track “Dancefloor” is another hot track. Do you write your own lyrics? What do you do in order to write an entire song? Is there a sort of “ritual” you do? Do you sit alone? Are you with a group of people?

Thalisha: Dancefloor was my first single. It did well overseas. Yes I do write my own lyrics but I have a writing team as well. We don’t have any rituals we just get together, throw the track on and let the magic unfold.

TOV: Hmmm, I see that you did a swim suit spread recently, and from what I see, you did a VERY good job. Tell us about that? How did you hook up with Smooth Magazine? Were you comfortable doing the spread? Was this your first time doing a bikini shoot? What was going through your mind when you were posing?

Thalisha: The people at Smooth contacted my management about doing a spread on me. We were a little apprehensive at first but everything worked out fine. It was my fist time doing a bikini shoot and I was a lot more comfortable than I thought I would be. I just focused on the camera and posed the best I could. I love the way the shoot came out though, I’m happy I did it.

TOV: How does your family feel about you posing in a bikini? What was there reaction?

Thalisha: My family went crazy when they saw “little Thalisha” looking like a women in a bathing suit! I guess they didn’t realize how fast I was growing up. I was only 17 when I did that shoot. They were definitely “hooting and hollering” all over the house….but in a good way. They weren’t upset about it or anything…just excited.

TOV: How far would you go on a photo shoot? I mean, would you go as far as doing a nude spread in Playboy?

Thalisha: People say Never say Never but here I go….I would NEVER!! Do a nude spread in ANY magazine. I feel I have enough talent where I don’t have to subject myself to that sought of exposure.

TOV: How’s the love life? Is there a main guy in your life? Any chance for me? Ha Ha just kidding.

Thalisha: Trying to make it in this business takes up a lot of time and energy and so does being in a relationship. I had to sacrifice one of them I couldn’t do both. And as you can see I’m singing, so YES I’m single.

Now time for the REAL questions.

TOV: Favorite color?

Thalisha: Green

TOV: Favorite sport?

Thalisha: Don’t have one but I love the Olympics

TOV: Favorite outfit?

Thalisha: I’m a clothes fanatic! I can’t make up my mind! LOL

TOV: Favorite car?

Thalisha: BMW Mini

TOV: Favorite actor?

Thalisha: Jim Carrey

TOV: Favorite actress?

Thalisha: Natalie Portman

TOV: Favorite movie?

Thalisha: Liar, Liar

TOV: Favorite TV show?

Thalisha: Everybody loves Raymond

TOV: Favorite fruit?

Thalisha: Bananas and Mangos

TOV: Favorite dish?

Thalisha: Sushi

TOV: If you were stuck on a deserted island, who would you want to be stuck with? Why?

Thalisha: If I were stuck on a desert island, with my life being so chaotic, I’d rather be by myself. I hardly get any tranquility so to be alone would actually be better for me.

TOV: Favorite song?

Thalisha: My favorite song is one of my own. It’s titled Tug O War.

TOV: Are you a g-string chick, or a bikini babe, or a natural honey, or a granny draws lady?

Thalisha: Well I used to be a granny draws lady until about 14 but now I’m one of the other choices. I’ll leave that one to your imagination.

TOV: Did OJ really do it?

Thalisha: YES

TOV: Michael Jackson. Guilty or Innocent?

Thalisha: Innocent

TOV: Favorite video game?

Thalisha: Crash Bandicoot