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Guess what popped up in my CD player the other night? Go ahead, take a guess. I dare ya! Take a wild guess! Give up? Kanye West's new CD, "Late Registration!" Damn right, I got that CD thanks to the powers that be. And being a fan of Kanye West, I can't help but be a little biased. If there was anything bad about his new CD, I'd say there wasn't enough of it. His entire CD, from beginning to end, was a disk full of emotion, passion, and just outright fucking kick ass tunes.

For those who love hip hop, and for those who remember its history, there was a time where hip hop didn’t involve killing people, showing ass in the video (though I don’t mind a little salt shaking), or even degrading women to something lower than dirt under a boulder. There was time where you put a tape in a cassette deck (yep, I’m going WAYYY back), and it was just good music, and great rhythms. We’re talking about Big Daddy Kane days, Boogie Down Productions days, Kid n Play days, A Tribe Called Quest Days, Biz Markie Days, MC Lyte days, etc etc etc. These were great rappers with messages, and good songs. Nowadays, the message is about bling, bling, ass, and more bling. In every song, you’ll hear something about an Escalade, a big butt hoochie, or someone completely dissin another.

However, there is always one person or group that defies these boundaries and produce’s music without having to put any negative elements. Yeah sure, you have Wil Smith, but nowadays he isn’t hip hop. He’s hip pop. Wil Smith lost his hip hop cred’s after Summertime. No, I’m talking about Kanye West. Kanye continues perfection from his Last CD, College Dropout, to his new creation, Late Registration, due out this Tuesday.

Kanye’s arsenal on this new CD is a variety of collaborations including the likes of The Game, Sierra Leone, Boss Jay-Z, Brandy, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Nas, Cam’Ron, and his partner Common. On this album, I thought Twista would have been one of the collaborators, especially since it was Twista’s Slow Jam that put Kanye on the map. I guess I can be wrong once in my life. With each collaboration, you see a different side to Kanye’s personality. With this new album, you will see very different personalities in his songs.

One perfect example of this is on his track, Crack Music, featuring The Game. Compare this song to his major hits such as Gold Digger, also on Late Registration. You will notice very different sets of emotions. On Crack Music, you see a harder, more “thuggish” style, as compared to Gold Digger, featuring Jamie Foxx. On Gold Digger, there is more of a fun type song. Something more for the clubs, and pop culture.

On his new CD, the majority of his songs are featuring other artists; however, there isn’t much inclusion of his collaborators. I would have thought there would be more input from other celebs, especially The Game, and Brandy, and Common. However, in all of the tracks on the Late Registration CD, you will notice most of the songs are mainly of Kanye. This is complete twist to what we are used to in collaborations with other artists.

It’s hard to choose favorite tracks on Late Registration. All of the songs are hot. The intro is pretty kick ass. The interludes remind me of the days I was in college. If I had to pick, I’d have to choose a couple of favorites. So here is my top 5 Truck Bangers from Late Registration.

  1. The first being Diamonds, featuring Sierra Leone & Jay-Z. This is the first single from the album. It was a good choice to make this the first single track from his LP.
  2. Gold Digger is the next fave. As in my previous article, its funny, and the shit bangs out in my truck.
  3. I predict the next hit single will be Touch the Sky featuring Lupe Fiasco. This is a club banger that I am sure will be a hit.
  4. Crack Music, featuring The Game. It’s hard; it shows a different side to Kanye.
  5. Bring Me Down, featuring Brandy. Its, again, another side to Kanye, and another level of greatness, which brings variation to this CD.

In all, I’d say cop this As Soon As Possible. Besides all the tracks, there are two bonus tracks that really bring a good end to this CD. How will Kanye top this hit? Check TOV for the next review of his future CD’s.

Hey folks, Valkor here with an update on Kanye West's new CD "Late Registration" that began with Krush's preview of "Gold Digger" (one of the tracks on the album). The new CD made its way into the dark corners of the Val-Cave yesterday (By means which we shant discuss) and since then the party hasn't stopped. To put it short, Kanye's new CD is fantastic and it simply kicked my ass; it's Hip Hop that's not too heavy to make it hardcore, yet not too light to make it boring. Some of the songs have deeper meanings to them than just entertainment such as "Hey Mama" or "Crack Music". Then there are some that is pure candy for the ears such as the thumping sounds of "Diamonds from Sierra Leone": (Feat. Jay Z), which in my book is the best song on the CD, and also "Don't Bring Me Down" (Feat. Brandy). GOLD!! Speaking of gold, I know many have already heard "Gold Digger" by now thanks to the link Krush put up, but this is my first time hearing it and it's phat as hell! You can also chalk up the greatness to this CD with the addition of guest singers/rappers who've loaned their voices such as Game, Adam Levine from Maroon 5, Nas, and Cam'ron among others. There are also TWO bonus songs on the CD eventhough the case says there's just one. The first is "Diamonds From Sierra Leone" (Minus Jay Z) and the second is "I'll be late for that" (I think that is the name of the song, its not mentioned anywhere on the album).

Late Registration

It's rare that a performer's second outing turns out as good as their first, but in Kanye's case, his first album "College Dropout" is only a memory compared to "Late Registration". You'll definitely be snagging this up come august 30th, for real. Take a gander at some pics of the new CD below and also a little extra nugget, an autograph I was able to get from the man himself last year. It's his picture from Complex Buyers Guide Oct/Nov. issue. And if you had asked me then if he would make it this big, I would have given you a hesitant yes. But after hearing his new album, I have to say K West is definitely on his way up. On the cover of the recent Time magazine, with another article in Newsweek and featured throughout many other magazines outlets, Kanye is getting crazy coverage and great reviews on his new album. And TOV is no exception. I loved it hands down. Also stay glued to this spot as Krush will be back with his full review of the CD as soon as he gets his sweaty mitts on the on it.

Valkor out

Late Registration

Late Registration

Late Registration

Late Registration

(Original Krush "Gold Digger" Review)

Late Registration

Eri,“Now I ain’t sayin she a gold digger, but she ain’t messin wit no broke n***gga! Get down girl, go head, get down.” What the hell, you askin? I’m just singing the new joint from Kanye West. As usual, Kanye kicks serious ass with a new song, “Gold Digger.” I was driving home from my PAYING job, and I heard this song on the 5 o’clock free ride on Hot 97. It was a debut song. At first, I thought it was another corny ass track, but when I heard it more, I said to myself, “this is a catchy ass song!” All of a sudden, I was singing the hook, and laughing my ass off.

Late Registration

This premise of the song was, as the song title implies, a song about a gold digger, whom Kanye is in love with. The hook of the song seems to come from, either a blues hook, or a blues singer singing the hook. So far, I’ve only heard the song once on the radio, and it’s available for download at www.allhiphop.com. The song is funny as hell. Extremely catchy, and if you listen to the lyrics, he’s comical on this track. When I downloaded the song, I played that shit until I knew it word for word.

Kanye’s new album, “Late Registration”, hit stores August 16th. I can only assume this song, “Gold Digger”, will be apart of the track listing. So far, from the random play of the songs on his website, it seems that there is a variety of songs on his new CD, ranging from very funny to very serious. Check out Kanye West’s official website. www.kanyewest.com. From what I heard, the tracks are hot as hell. So you will definitely get your money’s worth, as you did from his last CD. I’m not sure if the CD title was coincidence, but I thought it was a pretty funny, and a nice twist to the continuation of his last CD, “College Dropout.”

Since Kanye is running a college theme for his title CD’s, check out our suggestions to Kanye West for future titles of his CD’s, in what we like to call The Top Ten Best CD Titles Related to “Late Registration”!”

Top Ten Kanye West Album Titles

10.    Sorry, Your Financial Aid’s Been Revoked.

09.    Stafford Ain’t Sh**!

08.    Where The Used Text Books At?

07.    Registration’s Closed!

06.    What, My Meal Plan Cards Empty?

05.    Mom, I Need Some Money!

04.    Dad, Mom Said You’ll Give Me Money!

03.    Mom, Dad Said He Aint Givin Me Sh**!

02.    What, I Paid $100 For This Book, & You Only Gonna Give Me $10 On The Buy Back?

01. I Aint Getting a D in the class, I’m Pass/Failin This Bitch!