Kingston DataTraveler MicroDuo 32GB USB Review

It’s been quite some time since TOV reviewed any new items from Kingston and it’s especially nice to get something from the Data Traveler series. Entering the MicroDuo, a USB 2.0 device that’s about the size of a quarter (1.09” x .65” x .34”) and with a simple flip of the head of the device, it can plug into most devices with a microUSB port then turn around and pop into any desktop or laptop USB port. The MicroUSB requirement for Android devices is Android 4.0+ (ICS) but, as far as OTG compatible phones/Tablets the compatibility list has variety but is a bit mainstream, see below:

Kingston MicroDuo

OTG – USB on the go, is the ability for a device to act like a “PC” and receive data or functions from another USB device i.e. Camera or USB device

  • Samsung - Note 8, GALAXY NOTE (GT-N7000), GALAXY Note II (GT-N7100), GALAXY Note III (GT-N900), GALAXY R (GT-I9103), GALAXY J, GALAXY S2, GALAXY S3, GALAXY S4, MAGA 6"3
  • Sony - SGPT111JP/S, SGPT112TW/S, SGPT211JP/S, XPERIA S (LT26i), XPERIA Z (C6602), XPERIA TX LT29i
  • HTC - Butterfly, Butterfly S, DESIRE (A8181), Desire VC T328d, HTC J (Z321e), HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e, One (2013), One X
  • Motorola - Droid Razr HD (XT926)
  • Asus - MeMO Pad ME302, MeMO Pad 10 ME102, Transformer Pad TF-100
  • Acer - ICONIA A1-810, ICONIA Tab A700
  • Fujitsu - LTE F-01D
  • Huawei - MediaPad S7-301u(P)
  • Lenovo – A3000

    • Kingston MicroDuo

      Now I started asking myself why I would need a dual sided USB stick; it’s a neat idea but most Tablets/Smartphones have a USB cord that plug directly into any pc, plus there’s connectivity with Bluetooth, NFC and Wi-Fi share. But then I realized its importance; my HTC One is locked into 16GB with no way of expanding further. But with the MicroDuo, I easily added 32GB of storage without dealing with sometimes spotty wireless connectivity options – just plug it in, start backing up and voila! I just freed up a bunch of space. Plus it’s so small you, you can literally keep it in your pocket and take it with you wherever you go. So if your device doesn’t have an option for expanded storage then this would be a worthy investment.

      Kingston MicroDuo

      A prime example of how the MicroDuo saved my bacon; I was taking a flight with my son and about 2hrs into my trip, it hit me that there’s no Wi-Fi onboard and in turn Netflix was unavailable. My plan was to hook up the MicroDuo to the laptop and go from there but I hadn’t finished my work and my son wanted to watch a movie. I normally don’t load movies on his tablet because they tend to take up a lot of space. I was in a bit of a bind and then I remembered the MicroDuo has the dual plug, so after I loaded some recently purchased movies onto the device, I attached it to the tablet and in minutes my son was watching his films and I could go on with my work. It’s quite functional and very convenient.

      Kingston offers three size options depending on your needs – an 8GB, 16GB, or a 32GB. I honestly recommend springing for the 32GB.

      Kingston MicroDuo

      The Bang:

      Kingston’s MicroDuo comes in very handy, especially for those with limited space on their portable devices. Sure you have sync cables and can back up to a desktop or laptop, but if you’re in a situation where you have access to neither and you’re running out of room fast, then the MicroDuo starts to make sense and it becomes the perfect “On The Go” accessory. Transferring data from one device to the next was easy. And even retrieving items or running film from the MicroDuo works perfect and helped to appease a child who would have exploded into a bored rage if he wasn’t entertained.

      Kingston MicroDuo

      The Slack:

      Kingston needs to make an iPhone Version of this I know tons of people with data issues especially after taking a years’ worth of photos. I really found it funny that how upset they didn’t have something similar.

      Kingston MicroDuo

      As far as USB Sticks go Kingston is always a good source but this latest Model – the MicroDuo, is a hit with me and will be with anybody looking to expand their mobile capabilities. I found it very useful and great in a pinch. And out of TOV 5 stars, I give it a perfect 5.

      Kingston MicroDuo


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