Little King's Story Wii Review

Hello TOVers AP3X here with a review on XSEED’s Little King’s Story for the Wii gaming system.

Little King's Story

Little King’s Story follows the adventure of the new King Corobo. ou control Corobo and have a staff of three to help you rule your kingdom. Howser is your all around advisor and informs you of events in the kingdom and world in general. He has well thought out plans for the kingdom, and is a big help putting everything together. Verde is your childhood friend who is the records minister. She will inform you of the status of your kingdom, you also save your progress through her. Last but not least is Liam he’s your everything else minister. Mostly he gives you tutorials or information on jobs and what they do.

Little King's Story

Corobo’s kingdom Alpoko is basically a field with a few houses besides his own, and lazy subjects who don’t want to do anything. Some Kingdom huh? The goal of the game is to build up and expand your kingdom. So you got your work cut out for you. Thanks to Corobo’s magic crown though, his citizen’s will follow all his commands. Take those lazy good for nothing bums and go treasure hunting, though you won’t be able to go far as these lazy bums have no skills other than digging holes. Once you get some money you can have training facilities built. These areas will train your citizens and give them a job, but not unless you command them to. So you go out there and command your subjects to get jobs. There are a variety of jobs available to do different things. Soldiers can fight well, but only destroy things. Farmers can dig but can’t fight. Carpenter’s build etc etc. You’ll need a variety of workers to be able to reach different areas or access different stuff. Now that they’re trained go out and get more money to build more houses, which will bring more citizens, which you can command to get jobs, so you can find more treasure, so you can build more housing etc etc and the cycle goes on. Your advisor Howser spurs the story on and he encourages you to expand your kingdom ever further. Rival Kingdoms seeing you expand issue challenges which you will need to answer. Train that Royal Guard up and lead them into glorious battle.

Little King's Story

The Good:

-Let me be perfectly honest….When Valkor handed me this game for review I was disappointed. Looking at the cute artwork and write up on the back, I thought ughhh this isn’t really for me, this looks lame. So I was very surprised when I popped it in and started playing. Next thing I know it’s four hours later and while I should be going to bed to be rested for my actual day job I can’t. There’s too much left to be done. That damn Onii King has challenged me and I want to buy everything I can before I go stomp his face in. That means more treasure hunting. But I really should get to bed. Just one more excursion for some loot. Enough to buy a building or two before bed. Next thing you know it’s two hours later and I finally tear myself away. That’s basically in a nutshell my experience with this game. It’s seriously addicting. It’s like a mix of Warcraft and the SIMS. It suckers you in with it’s childish art and music and the next thing you know you can’t put it down cause you want to do “one” more thing.

Little King's Story

The Bad:

-It seems to me that making this game pointer based is a no brainer. Instead they opted to go with the nunchuk to move around. That in itself isn’t that bad, however it gets a little tricky when you’re trying to give a command. A line appears that moves with the joystick on the nunchuk. Whoever it is you’re commanding runs in a straight line to do whatever it is you’re commanding. However sometimes it’s a bit tricky to get the line pointed exactly where you want it, and you wind up with workers charging into a wall or something. It’s not a major complaint or anything, but maybe something to take into consideration for the next time.

Little King's Story

The Ugly:


Little King's Story

The Verdict:

-This game took me completely by surprise. It was the most fun I had on the Wii in quite awhile, and games like this make the Wii worth owning. I give the game a 4 out 5 stars. It’s a simple little game that’s extremely addicting and hard to put down. Have some spare time available when you get this game or else you’re going to lose a lot of sleep.


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