• Marvel/DC After Hours/Itsjustsomerandomguy Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. The fascination with YouTube has taken it's time with me because, in the beginning, I didn't really get the concept. I mean I GET why it exist so that folks can share their home-made videos and such. But I've seen things like this prior to, on such sites as "Banged Up", "Wimp.com", or "Ebaums". And by comparison, a lot of the videos on YouTube that were user-created were boring. At best, for me, YouTube was just a place to watch anime or catch shows and films I couldn't find anywhere else - not so much the homemade stuff. Lately, however, I've been slowly but surely finding myself hanging out on YouTube more and not only for the anime, the shows, or celebrity guffaws, but I'll stumble onto some user-created content that's actually enjoyable. And a series in particular that deserves serious highlight comes from a user called "ItsJustSomeRandomGuy", who has created a series that has the geek in me on the floor laughing my ass off. Check it out, it's "Marvel/DC: After Hours" as well as the original set "I'm a Marvel and I'm a DC".

My first impression of "Marvel/DC: After Hours" was that it reminded me of Robot Chicken; it's just as funny (if not funnier) but without the claymation effects. What RandomGuy has done is created a series based on Marvel/DC toy line-up, with the toys acting as their comic counterparts, discussing the films based on their likeness. The series is done as a parody of the "PC vs. MAC" commercials that seamlessly shifts into the "After Hours" series. Things start out simple enough with just Superman and Spider-man; but with each episode new characters are introduced, mostly characters who have starred in their own comic films such as Daredevil or Ghost Rider. Of course, with the heroes comes the villains and in "After Hours" the villains get their own spot to chill, to plot out their next dastardly deed or just toss a few back while discussing the films they're in. The backdrops on each episode aren't much, but you won't have time to focus on that due to RandomGuy's great voice acting or his awesome ability to put together a skit or piece together a perfect story.

The Good

Where to begin with "Marvel/DC: After Hours"? First, the acting; as I mentioned above, the voice work is top notch and the range that RandomGuy uses for each character fits perfectly. I don't know how he does it but he nails just about every character in comparison to their movie persona. Just listen to his Lex Luthor and you tell me he doesn't somehow channel the spirit of Kevin Spacey "Superman Returns". It's almost spot on! Moving on, the jokes are freaking hysterical - Superman getting riffed on for fighting a giant rock in Superman Returns, Spider-Man's infatuation with Batman (hey they have a lot in common) and I especially love Hulk's comment on the "reboot, sequel, remake" of his film. And there's more, so much more! Plus almost all of the jokes are nailed with perfect timing. What's also great about the series is it plays out like South Park and will always be current to what's happening in the comic cinemaverse. So, I can't wait to see if RandomGuy tackles all the JLA casting news, the new Punisher stuff, and more Iron Man. Lastly, the music that was chosen for the "After Hours" stuff is fitting to each scene and it just gets better with each new episode.

The Bad

Other than the lack of any real backdrop, nothing is bad. Now if you mean Bad as in the good kinda bad then this is the baddest series I’ve watched in recent months.

The Ugly

Ha! Nothing ugly here.


Before I forget, other characters from other comic book universes show up in the "After Hours" series and I hope we get to see more of them but in a bigger storyline. "I'm a Marvel/I'm a DC" and its "After Hours" companion series is one of the best shows to hit YouTube. And to ItsJustsomerandomguy, I say keep up the great work because TOV will be watching. I';m giving Marvel/DC "After Hours" and everything that goes with it 5 stars!