• PerfectView @ CES 2010

Hey folks, Valkor here and as I rest up after 3 days of hittin the CES 2010 showfloor, I thought I'd offer up some hottie goodness aka "Booth Babes" and believe you me, these were the hottest I have laid eyes on. I'm gonna do things a bit different and count em down from 9 to number one. Mind you I still have to hit The Sands, so I will update this page when I get more pics.

9)Skull Candy - Though last on my list, they're certainly not the least and have, rightfully so, earned their place on the "PerfectView"

8) Pepcom Digital Life Animal Babes - Only for those into freaky lovin, I give these girls some cred for havin to cover up all that goodness with body paint and still look so damn good in the end.

7) Poynt - But don't actually POYNT at this hottie, because this kitty looks like she's got some fangs... grrrr-rowl!

6) She likes it dark - Ok the pic didn't come out so hot, but this cutie came through just fine. Check out that smile, those legs.... mmmmmm....

5) It only gets better - And I mean that! I love her, great personality, great smile, and a bangin body! Why is she not number 1? It doesn't matter, she's here and that's what's up. Enjoy.

4) Droppin some DD's - Truly the embodiment of all that is perfect. Though not number one, she's still so damn fine.

3) Tritton - Tritton brought along this bodacious babe to make up for the fact that they really didn't have much to show. And you know what? I can forgive them.

2) Painted up right - I think this pic speaks for itself.

1) TOV's PerfectView - It's not always about who has the biggest boobs, or... bigger boobs, it's about the complete package. And this honey has got all that and then some. Perfect smile, perfect hair, perfect bod, leavin it all up to the imagination... and mine is runnin wild right now.

All things considered, all the ladies are perfect in my book, but hey I have a comment section so give us your thoughts. And stay tuned as I will have more from The Sands.