• Sennheiser RS 120 Wireless Headphones Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. Sennheiser headphones have always been a staple in and around the Val-cave since I first purchased a pair in 2005 with the Creative Zen Micro. (Yes those are Sennheisers in the pic below.) So it’s damn cool when the folks at Sennheiser dropped us this tasty wireless nugget; the RS 120 wireless headphones. But does it keep up with the Sennheiser quality sound that I’ve grown to enjoy? Read on and find out.

The RS 120 is your standard design, big DJ type headphones. But what makes these headphones different than most big style headphones is how they feel. They are so light. I mean I could be sitting around for hours and forget I was wearing them. The earpieces are light cushioned and on the curve base are three more cushions, which really make the RS 120 easy on the skull. Mind you I’m sporting dreads so I don’t need additional cushion, but it doesn’t hurt to have it right?

The RS 120 comes packed with a base which also serves as a charger for the batteries. I wasn’t aware of this feature as I bought my own triple A’s. (My mistake for not reading the instructions) But the base can either be stood up on its own or hooked on to something. I hooked it on my LCD TV, which wasn’t too stand outish. But that’s where I thought it would do the optimal good.

And I was right! Let me start out by talking about how they sound. It’s rather soft even at the highest level, which isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t say Dolby certified anywhere on the packaging but the RS 120 does surround sound very well. Bass is damn good too, again not too powerful, but it’s just the right level. And I mean JUST the right level. It doesn’t thump in my ear, making everything sound distorted. Sounds are clean, crisp, and definitely easy on the ears. Big points for that.

Sennheiser RS 120

The wireless portion is done RF style. I had my fears about that as I thought I’d be experiencing a whole lotta breakup and static. With a little adjusting I found the right setting. Plus I was able to go mobile, while I worked around the cave. Honestly I’ve never done the wireless thing before, but I may start now as the freedom to move about as you please without the discomfort of wires, kicks ass. Plus I was able to go downstairs with no loss. NO LOSS!! That was the biggest test, how far could I go with these things? Pretty damn far and my house is virtually soundproof. What this means is there is extra layer of insulation in my house and it interferes with everything. Honestly even phone service at times is bad. But these headphones, wow they definitely go far, more plus points to Sennheiser.

On the negative side, I did have a problem tuning in when I switched to PC mode even after I changed the channels, I wasn’t able to get a clear signal. Now this may not be the fault of the headphones as I have a wireless mouse and speakers to contend with and they may be the cause of the interference. But in the end the Sennheiser RS 120 wireless headphones are a big plus in my book, definitely worthy of the 4 stars I’m giving it today. Light weight, very comfortable, and they sound great. Retail price of these bad boys goy for $110 and the RS 120 has been Valkor tested TOV approved.