• The Simpsons Movie Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. I’ve been a big fan of the Simpson’s for years, still surprised the show is still on the air. I’ve played some of the video games, have the first issue of the comic and even bought the “Simpson’s sings the Blues” album. (Love the Monty Burns Song “Look at all those idiots”). A Simpson’s movie has long been in the works, Groening even stated that he wouldn’t do it unless the script was right. Well the first film is upon us and yes the script is oh so right.

The Simpsons

The Simpson film revolves around Homer getting the town of Springfield encased in a glass bubble. See the town has been trying to save the Springfield lake from pollutants and succeeds until Homer dumps it full of pig crap. This gains the attention of the EPA and the president of the United States (not Bush but Schwarzenegger, however it doesn’t matter they both make the wrong decisions anyway.) So with the town out for blood, Homer and the clan make a run for Alaska, but now the President and the EPA want to nuke Springfield, because situations in the town has gone from bad to worse. So it’s up to the Simpson’s to save Springfield from utter destruction. There are also smaller plots such as Bart and Ned Flanders bonding, Homer adopting a pig, Lisa falling in love, and Marge… well she knows danger is looming but no one will believe her. We can’t forget Maggie and Groening doesn’t either, because just when you realize she’s not there POW she shows up and saves the day. Almost every Simpson’s character from the show makes an appearance and I am sure if and when the DVD comes out and you stop and pause, you’ll see EVERY character. However I didn’t see one character and that’s Sideshow Bob. If anyone can point him out let me know where.

The Good.

The Simpsons

They did the show in 2.5D cell animation and its all very fluid. Groening did the show Futurama much the same way and it shows here. Actually I’d say the animation is just a step up from Futurama. But that’s a good thing because not everything has to be 3D CGI animated. The plot is also pretty straightforward and not to complex. Mostly this IS a Simpson’s movie. It doesn’t feel like three shows pieced together like the Family Guy movie, this actually flows as a movie should. This wasn’t something rushed, this is well paced, well thought out goodness. And I love it. The music isn’t great but then you’ll be laughing too hard to even pay attention. And oh yes you will laugh. Right from the start with the Itchy and Scratchy movie you know your gonna bust a gut or two, almost every joke hits their mark. Groening made it a point to bring back the original writers and it definitely shows in the jokes.

The Bad.

The Simpsons

The animation is probably the film’s only weakness because we’ve seen it done in Futurama. But then South Park stuck with their original construction paper set up for their film, so I can’t really complain here should I?

The Ugly:


The Simpsons

Honestly did we really need to see Bart’s dinky? Really? Who’s idea was it that we should see that? Then again it made for some great laughs such as Ralph Wiggum's “I like men now” comment and Nelson’s constant “Ha! Ha!” until he loses his voice.

If you haven’t gone to see the Simpson’s film yet, I say get your asses out now and check it out. It’s a great film made for a family outing or if you’re hanging out with your buds. And if you’ve already seen the film, see it again I know I will. I give Simpson’s 4.5 on the TOV scale. Valkor tested and TOV approved.

The Simpsons

Val's been Simpsonized!!