• SleepPhones Night Headphones Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. And have you ever run across an invention and said "wow! I wish I could have thought of that!" Like the ShakeWeight; who knew you could get women to workout with a device that simulates jackin off a guy? I would've never thought something like that would exist and yet it does. What does it have to do with this next review? Well, while attending CES Unveiled this week (yep its getting close to that time again – Vegas baby!), I ran across a couple of gals repping a product that will make you kick yourself that you didn't think of it first – at least that's how I felt when I met them. Check it out, it's SleepPhones and yes… you want this.


SleepPhones were developed by a family physician and touted as being "pajamas for your ears". So, you have ever have one of those nights where you just can't sleep for whatever the reason – snoring bedmate, serenading cats, you have a lot on your mind, or maybe that teen couple next door are just a bit "too loud" with their activities? I know I've faced a few of those situations and in my case, and I think most have done the same, is switch on the radio or drop on a pair of headphones, plugging in to one of my many portable devices. However sleeping with over-the-ear headphones or earplugs can a) be rather uncomfortable when trying to sleep and b) headphones can break, especially if you're a wild sleeper, earplugs can get yanked out and you can wake up quite sore in the ears.

That's when the magic of SleepPhones step in. Made of a soft, stretchy material called "Polartec" (polyester/spandex/fleece), the SleepPhones stretch comfortably over your ears, and within its confines lies a pair of headphones that rest just at the appropriate spot to project your tunes into your canals, and a cord trailing out the back that leads into your favorite listening device. So now you can toss and turn without missing a beat as your ears are wrapped in comfort and your favorite tracks are sailing you into dreamland.


The SleepPhones aren't just for sleepinging, though that's their major function. However they're great for working out, when you're commuting, air travel, or just lazing around the house. And they come in three sizes and three different colors. So after sporting them half the night and into the day, it's time to put the SleepPhones on blast in the TOV Breakdown.

The Bang:

Right off the jump, the SleepPhones are mad comfortable and you can wear them at great lengths without discomfort. My first concern was the headband might fit too tight, but that concern was put to bed when I slipped them on and was whisked away into comfort. Forget the headphones, I could fall asleep wearing just the band. It's not also a great headband, but I also discovered they make great eye covers, so you can not only block out the noise but also any excess light (I'm looking at you Mr. Sun… though not directly). Oh one more bit; with winter poking its head in the NJ/NY area, the SleepPhones make for some great ear covers, keeping your ears all warm and toasty. How about that sound quality? I wasn't expecting much from a pair of headphones that's meant to lull you to sleep, but the quality of sound produced by these headphones ranks up there with some of the best I've previously tested (i.e. H-Bombz, Skullcandy FIX); audio is crystal clear with just the right amount of bass. The volume doesn't go up too high, but high enough that it can drown out most background noise with no distortion. Overall the SleepPhones are a solid pair of headphones in sheep's clothing.


The Slack:

I was told the company has or is making a pair of Bluetooth SleepPhones and for what they're going for with these headband headphones, a wireless scenario would be most fitting. When dealing with a wire, with these type of headphones, whatever device your using could wind up just about anywhere during a sleep session. Normally I sleep on my stomach and I usually end up on my side, so having a wire attached to my music device... could get ugly for the device. A Bluetooth option would work wonders.


With the holidays season upon us and you're out or at home shopping for that unique gift to give to your friends and loved ones, then might I suggest SleepPhones – they're very comfortable, lightweight, easy on the ears, they sound amazing and they're quite versatile! I highly recommend it. And out of TOV 5 stars, I give SleepPhones a 4.5 and they've been Valkor tested, TOV Approved!