• Music of Thalisa

Yo TOV world! Krush is back with another piece for your mp3 players. I was at club Exit recently, and they were playing some song I’ve never heard before. So I was asking people on the floor who the singer was. It seems everyone in the club knew the singer was Thalisha, and I felt like I was sittin my ass in a cave for nearly 20 years. The mix master must have, at least, put her song in rotation a minimum of 6 times that night. I was amazed at her flow, and her trueness to hip hop.

I did my homework with Thalisha. It seems she’s been aired on major radio stations here in the tri-state area. So far, I’ve heard her on 98.7 Kiss FM, local radio station here in New York, and New Jersey. I’ve also seen her perform a couple of times on this cable show called “The Roof.” Yo, check out this show man. The women are HOT! Anyways, back to this Thalisha chick blazing up the underground, Thalisha has performed twice on “The Roof.”

Thalisha is a New York native, born in Washington Heights, and have been signing since she was 5. It wasn’t until 2003 where Thalisha’s talent flourished as she won the “Showtime Teenz” segment of “Showtime in Harlem.” Since then, she’s contracted with Ecko Red to represent their clothing line in 2003. Thalisha has also performed worldwide, alongside celebrity singers such as Angie Martinez, Nina Sky, and Stephanie Mills. Although 17 years of age, her singing experience is near equivalent to some who are seasoned veterans.

Thalisha’s most recent hit, “NY, NY” (a remix to Ja Rule’s 2004 blockbuster song) is hot in the underground. In her singing, her flow to hip hop is extremely rhythmic. There’s a certain assertiveness in her voice when she sings, as though she is establishing her presence on a track. Her Latin style, coupled with hot underground beats, results in a song that will definitely energize any club it’s played in. On her present course, Thalisha will most certainly establish a name for herself in the hip hop community, if not mainstream, then majorly influential in its underground form.

Thalisha’s presence on stage is another feature of her that I admire. When she’s performing, the same assertiveness in her voice also comes out in her persona as she sings. As she moves from one side of the stage to another, there is confidence in her step, and stride.

Honestly, I think this is something embedded in the DNA of East Coast people. Being a bit biased of course, I think those who live on the East Coast, especially in New York, and New Jersey, have that attitude crowds love to watch, and other celebs try to imitate.