• Lifestyles THINZ Extreme & KYNG Condoms Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. It’s always a “pleasure” when the gang over at Lifestyles makes a drop into the Val-Cave, with this being their second go around here at TOV; and that means it’s gonna be a hot town in the old town tonight. Ahem. This round they’re introducing two new condoms into their inventory – THINZ Extreme and KYNG Large. Feeling good has never felt so… safe.

THINZ Extreme

First up are the THINZ Extreme; not to be confused with the SKYN, THINZ Extreme are standard latex condoms only 21% thinner with an UltraGlide lubrication, so you’ll get increased sensitivity with smooth action. Next up is the KYNG; KYNG condoms offer up additional length and width, for those that need a little extra breathing room (if you know what I mean). KYNG condoms offer up a nice level of comfort as well as adding lubrication to the mix.

KYNG Condom

I’ve gotten used to the feel of the SKYN line and I really enjoy that close feeling the product provides. However THINZ worked equally the same; they’re just as easy sliding on while providing an equivalent feeling of closeness. Plus the added UltraGlide really enhances the experience with a smooth flow. Now with KYNG, we’re talking total comfort as it fits and feels just right, minus the feeling of going bareback, but I had no complaints going in and gettin th ejob done. Personally I could go either way, but that feeling of wearing nothing at all... yea I’d much prefer that route.

THINZ Extreme

Lifestyles THINZ Extreme and KYNG are available now and they’re great for those looking for that “nothing at all” feel or extra comfort, because size truly does matter. Either way you can’t go wrong, so long as you wrap it right and wrap it tight. And out of TOV 5 stars, Lifestyles THINZ Extreme and KYNG gets a 5. And both have been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.