• Twitten Review

Valkor's Note: first and foremost I want to offer my sincerest apologies to the creator and everyone who have worked on the Twitten Gloves. I can't believe I made such a mistake as to confuse their gloves with a pair from another company. My score still stands and I have changed the images and a few bits in the article to relate more closely to the product at hand. Again, I am very sorry for the mistake.

Hey folks, Valkor here. Last year we did a review on a pair of gloves called the "Dot Gloves" that will allow you access to your phone, without having to remove them. After giving them the run through, while not perfect, they got the job done. This time around we take a look at a new design of gloves called "Twitten". What are they exactly? Let's find out.

Twitten are two types of gloves (each sold seperately) that serve two functions. The first type are for couples where each person where's a single glove, and the second glove, they share. This one piece glove works great if you're just takin a leisurely stroll on a brisk evening and you wanna hold hands without lookin so obvious.

The second type is if one person is wearing the one set of gloves, which they can then use the gloves to type in a quick tweet to let everyone know how cold it is, check and email, or get directions. Because it's so cold, you've lost your way to the restaurant where everyone is waiting, but no one will pick up the phone when you call to ask for some directions and now you're just standing there with no place to go but home. Ahhhhh…. FML. The twitten have a hole in the thumb and a flap over the main fingers so you can quickly access your phone and/or mobile device without having to take the gloves completely off, while you're out and about in the cold weather.

Twitten come in a variety of styles and colors, so you'll definitely find something that's suitable for you and to share with that someone special. But in the mean time, what did I think of the gloves?

The Bang:

First off, the pair I received were extremely soft. The kinda soft you wish you had as a blanket and will knock you out for 80 hours. That kinda soft! Getting your fingers in and out of the flaps is a cinch and the hole in the thumb is well placed and actually you can slip your thumb through the hole, which is more important for typing and texting. I didn't run into too many snags while using the gloves, which were easy to get adjusted to. The couple's glove works only in situations where you're just taking your time, having a nice walk and not in a rush to get anywhere, because if you are and you have these gloves on, then the romance will be over before it begins. Overall, not bad and I'll say this much – better than the DOTS Gloves in overall functionality (though I'm not hatin on DOTS).

The Slack:


Winter is officially upon us (especially for us here on the east coast) and what better way to make it through the cold, whilst getting your tweet on than with Twitten. And what better way to share a chilly, romantic evening than… with a Twitten! Either way you can't go wrong. Out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving twitten a 4.5 and they've been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.