• Perfectview @ WonderCon 2007

Hey folks, Valkor here and welcome back to another Edition of "The Perfect View". AAhhh WonderCon. So many women in sexy outfits, how doth one choose? Well after all is said and done, one young lady stood above the rest and now joins many who have graced the halls of TOV. Click the pic for the full image.

Valkor's rating: Hated X-men 3, but I thought the woman who played Callisto was hot. And Ashley does her Justice, definite 5!!

Where did you find her: Last day of WonderCon 2007

First reaction: Ahhhh Duuuuhhhh!!!

Was she okie with getting her picture taken?: You be the judge! check out that pose!.

Final thoughts: Overall it was great meeting Ashley, she was quite open, easy to talk to, and it was great just to hang out with her. If you want more check out the vid below.