Bounty DVD Review

Ace of Spades has his guns a blazing reviewing the western Bounty featuring Jarrett LeMaster, Michelle Acuna, and Steve Savage. The director to this shoot em western is Jared Isham.

Bounty Movie Review

Bounty begins with Nate (Jarrett Lemaster) on the verge of being hung due to owing a large debt until Buck (Jon Wyatt Davis) save his tail. Promising his debt collector to paying him back in full, Buck takes Nate under his wing, telling him to cut the crap. In the meantime, Nate tries to collect bounties until he is upstaged by Charlie (Steve Savage) the sheriff. Down on his luck, he hears about a girl who escapes her husband's clutches and is now named "The Sparkle Eyed Kid" (Michelle Acuna), who has a large bounty on her head. Nate runs into The Sparkle Eyed Kid trying to escape and tries to lead her to escape with Buck. The sheriff calls his troops to search for them and to collect The Sparkle Eyed Kid's bounty. The group travels to the desert and finds a hiding place to escape Charlie and his dirty cowboy troops. Nate has a dislike for the Sparkle Eyed Girl's attitude. During this time in hiding, the Sparkle Eyed Kid finds out Nate's shooting skills are mediocre and teaches him some skills. He begins to like her and catch feelings for her during their lessons. The next day, Charlie gets close to their trail and ends up finding them in the hideout place. Charlie was going to kill Nate, but Buck steps in his way to stand up for him. Charlie ends up shooting Nate in the chest, taking back the Sparkle Eyed Girl to be lynched. Now, it is up Nate to save the girl he cares about, and the town which is ruled by Charlie.

Bounty Movie Review


There aren't many movies out there that focus on westerns because it isn't very popular, so viewing this is kind of fresh. The dialogue and scenery fits the film perfectly. The film itself doesn't attempt to bore viewers to death with random fillers that has nothing to do with the story. Everything is to the point. I felt that Steve Savage as Charlie really made this movie for me. His acting and the quotable lines, due to the effort he put into his character, made me like the movie a bit more.

Bounty Movie Review


Well the acting could a better and there are some parts of the film that could have used a bit more emotion.

Bounty Movie Review



Bounty Movie Review


Bounty is a pretty decent film; the story could be better and the dialogue improved, but the film has no major hang-ups that stop it from being quality. And Charlie's bad ass attitude had me applauding throughout the movie. Overall, Bounty is worth a look. And out of TOV 5 stars, I give the film 3.5.


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