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Kensington Contour Pro 17" Carrying Case Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. And after having one perfect stay here at TOV with their 10,400 Mobile charger and one that was negative (5200), the gang over at Kensington are back with something new to break the good/bad tie. And I think they’ve got something special with the Contour Pro 17” Laptop Case, which is great for those looking for something stylish yet professional in appearance.

Kensington Pro 17

The Contour Pro 17, from its outer appearance, looks more suitcase than messenger; this definitely adds to the professional look of the bag, but as you delve further in it has all the makings of a messenger. The Pro 17 is divided into three compartments – the front area features enough pouches and pockets to store tons of small to medium objects – you get three net pockets behind the main flap, on the other side are two smaller net pockets attached to a larger pouch connected to a smaller pocket I use for business cards, another net pocket above the card section and along the same side is a business card pouch and slots for pens/pencils. Just before you get to the main compartment, there’s a pocket – actually a little larger than I’m used to pocket, which is great for storing your phone, passport, boarding pass and other small objects for quick and easy access. The main compartment is divided into three sections – the first two can easily store books, folders, docs and other larger objects and the third is a soft cushion space for your laptop (up to 17” as per the name) that extends to give you more space for retrieval/replacing your device. Up next is the rear section that opens up completely giving you a flat surface to work on, plus an additional four pockets to play with – three net and one pouch. It’s also tough enough that it prevents larger objects from jabbing you in the sides. Finally you have a side water pouch that extends to fit larger bottles, cans or even a thermos.

Kensington Pro 17

Anytime a new bag enters the Val-cave, it gives me good reason to take small trips – TOV and non-TOV related, it doesn’t matter so long as I get to fill up said bag with whatever and see how well it travels. And the Contour Pro 17" is no exception. While there’s a certain feature I miss, I have more good to say about this bag than bad. And I’ll tell you all about it in the TOV Breakdown.

Kensington Pro 17

The Bang:

Out of the all the professional looking messengers/carrying cases I’ve tested here at TOV, Kensington’s Contour Pro 17" not only looks the part, it's also the most organized bag I’ve ever reviewed. The overall design works well in a business environment and yet even in casual settings you could get away with it - maybe not too casual like the beach, but on an NY outing in casual dress, this bag works out quite well. As for the organized aspect of the bag, inside the Pro 17", all of the pockets and pouches are nicely aligned and placed for instant and easy access to whatever you need within. And there are just enough of them that it’s not overdone. I don’t mind getting lost in a bag, but it works great when you have just enough pockets to play with, without trying too hard to figure out where and which pocket you mayhave placed something important. The laptop pouch is sweet perfection; I usually gripe a bit that in most messenger bags, the laptop pouch is too snug requiring some work to get my device out; but with the Pro 17", it actually extends outward allowing easier access to your device without the frustration when taking it out. So the bag might not be “TSA Friendly” in that the bag doesn’t divide, however it doesn’t require much effort when you need to remove your laptop. And it won't hold you up when faced with the security line. The cushioned section also adds an extra layer of protection, giving it shock absorbent properties; so minor bumps and drops won’t do much damage to your device. And if you don’t overdo it in terms of how much you store within the bag, then the slim design works well when placing the Pro 17" beneath the front seat on an airplane or even in an overhead - especially when it "appears full". If there’s just enough space, this baby will slip right in. Next up is the strap, which reaches across the bag (from one side to the other) as opposed to going from end-to-end, which allows for even distribution of weight and puts less stress on your shoulders. It sits well and it does feel more comfortable and less of a burden when carry the extra bulk of a large laptop. Overall, inside and out, the Kensington Contour Pro is an exceptional travel accessory that is a must own and perfect for any long or short treks you might partake.

Kensington Pro 17

The Slack:

I think a TSA-Friendly version is in order, but that’s not really a negative, just something that might work in the future.

Kensington Pro 17

If you’re looking for a messenger that’s well designed, great organization and comfort then you’ll want to consider Kensington’s Contour Pro 17" Carrying Case for all your professional and casual travel needs. Like it? Click that logo to the right to find out more. And out of TOV 5 stars, I give the Contour Pro 17 a perfect 5 and it’s been Valkor tested, TOV Approved!

Kensington Pro 17

Email: valkor@the-other-view.com

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Kensington Contour Pro 17" Carrying Case Review
The Bang: Professional and well organized capacity
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