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Rosewill RMBP-11001 Backpack Review

Hey gang, Valkor here. The folks over at Rosewill are making another go-around here in the Val-Cave and after scoring well with the Shine and the Two Port Battery Pack, they're ready to take things back as to how they started here at TOV - with a backpack; only this time, rather than a spacious photog bag like the Shine, we're going more conventional with the Rosewill RMBP-11001 15.6 Backpack.

Rosewill RMBP-11001

The RMBP-11001, at the jump, features three sections, starting from the front and working my way towards the back, the first section contains a small pouch with a Velcro strap fastener, three pen/pencil pouches (or stylus if you like), three small pockets, and a big pouch behind that grouping, which is great or storing small items such as flash drives, business cards, and other personal items. The second section has a large storage area and two pockets, the first is an "audiopocket", which can store most media devices (perfect fit for the Samsung Note 2); there's even a hole just above the pouch so you can string your headphones through it. The final section is where you'll store your laptop (up to 15.6"), notebooks, documents, folders and other large items. On either side you have a netted pouch for holding water bottles (most bags usually have one pouch), and just above them are two zippered pouches. At the rear, the back area is padded with an airflow design, sadly not with gel but with hollowed out cushioning. However just below the padding is a soft cushioning for the lower back area. The right shoulder strap, both of which are also cushioned, contains a cellphone pouch (not good for the Note 2). Finally at the top is a hard rubber, wrapped around hard plastic strap with a metal wire running through it; this style of strap is far better than the fabric kind as it makes holding the bag, which may be packed full of items, that much easier to carry.

Rosewill RMBP-11001

The Rosewill RMBP-11001 is pocket/pouch heavy, though not as heavy as the Tenba Shootout or the Photo Daypack, but still has enough containers to handle all your storage needs. So after taking the RMBP-11001 on a couple of outings and putting it through its paces, it's time to render my verdict in the TOV Breakdown.

Rosewill RMBP-11001

The Bang:

The Rosewill RMBP-11001 is one well-rounded, very sturdy, and fully functional backpack. The design is quite techy and I loved the look of the padded cushions (very superhero-esque). And did I mention the bag has a lot of pockets? You'd be hard pressed not to find a use for most if not all of the compartments. And I'm a pocket/pouch nut when it comes to bags, so for that reason alone the RMBP-11001 scores big. Also a huge plus is the rubber/plastic strap at the top of the bag, which makes quick grabs less worrisome, much as you would a fabric strap. Finally we have the airflow padding, while not as cushiony as I'd like, keeps the bag from pressing up against you, allowing air to flow between you and the bag, reducing sweat and keeping your back cool. Overall the RMBP-11001 is great for school, business trips, your daily commute, or for guys like me who attend crazy press events and conventions.

Rosewill RMBP-11001

The Slack:

My first objection would be the rear padding. While I find the hollow padding to be comfortable, I prefer the gel-filled padding for that extra relief, even if it means a sweaty back. Next, the laptop compartment could use thicker cushioning because right now it's just way to thin. Finally, and this isn't a real objection towards the bag, but Rosewill… you guys should start naming your bags (along with most of your products). Give this bag a name that's cool and edgy like The Vector or Alpha Plus, something along those lines ya know?

Rosewill RMBP-11001

Rosewill's RMBP-11001 15.6" Backpack retails at 29.99 and that's a pretty good deal for what you're getting in the long run; While the backpack has a few minor drawbacks,it's still a versatile, sturdy, and reliable backpack that will suit just about all of your needs. And out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving the RMBP-11001 Backpack a 4 and it's been Valkor tested, TOV Approved!

Valkor Out!

Email: valkor@the-other-view.com

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Rosewill RMBP-11001 Backpack Review
The Bang: functional, loads of pockets
The Slack: needs more cushioning
TOV 5 star rating: 4 stars
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