Night Watcher DVD Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. This film is also known as "The Suicide Tapes", now as to which title it is exactly... well IMDB has it listed as "Night Watcher", and until otherwise stated, it shall remain just that. Leave a note in the comment box for any updated information.

Night Watcher

So my fellow Epicians, Epic-1 your friendly neighborhood reporter is here!!! This time I have the film "Night Watcher" starring Allison Tyler as Angela and Zack Stewart as Brian. The movie starts off by showing someone filming four teens at a beach; three go off to smoke and one stays behind. She (the teen left behind) realizes there is a car there watching her so she gets up and walks away. While she is walking, she sees a camera recording her and she starts running, when the killer of the movie suddenly slices her wrist. We then meet Angela at a group meeting for people who had family members killed and as she is about to tell everyone what is going on. Enter Brian. The two of them get together, hangout a couple of times, and realize they have a lot in common: They both received videos from an unknown source that show their parents being video taped together. Angela has a couple of friends in the movie while Brian lives with his brother and for some reason all of Angela's friends are being killed by the killer, but he is making it look like they are committing suicide. The best one of course is the girl that is in the shower (Great boob shot); the killer comes from behind and makes her take pills. Now the only person that Angela tells what's going on is her teacher, Mr. Lopes (Christopher Kadish), who says he understands what she is going through with the death of her mother because he had recently lost his daughter who died of Tonsillitis, and he doesn't believe her. (Do they ever?) The movie has a lot of twist and turns and will have you thinking the killer is a couple of different people, but the ending will be known before the killer actually shows his face.

Night Watcher

The Good

Definitely the shower scene and the twist and turns for awhile.

Night Watcher

The Bad

Pretty much everything else about Night Watcher. The filming was bad; it could of have been done like Blair Witch but it looks like the camera that the killer was using was from the 80's. The audio in the film was also bad. In some parts the film goes really low like when Angela is listening to the message on her phone. The acting just wasn't there; I couldn't feel a connection between Angela and Brian.

Night Watcher

The Ugly

The ending and it left things open for a part two. I hope that if they do another part they really fix their mistakes. It was too predictable and so boring as the movie went on.

Night Watcher

So in conclusion, Night Watcher is not that good, but it will leave you guessing for a while. I am giving this film 1.5 out of 5 stars.


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