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Ninja Assassin Review

What's up this is Ace on deck reviewing the movie Ninja Assassin featuring Korean martial arts star Rain, who happened to do most of his own stunts, believe it or not, and British actor Noamie Harris. This martial arts action flick is directed by James McTeigue.

Ninja Assassin starts with the Yakuza (a Japanese gang) chillin, causing mischief while the leader is getting a traditional Japanese tattoo. The old man giving the tattoo tells an ancient story of a ninja assassin, but of course the gang is supposedly so bad ass they pay him no mind. Well, they open an envelope and one of the most amazing intros seen in a martial arts action film takes place!!! We are then introduced to the very fine Agent Mika (Noamie Harris) who is investigating the connection of ninja clans working as assassins for the government, who is overseen by her superior Agent Ryan Maslow (Ben Miles). Raizo (Rain aka Liu Kang) is introduced within the movie, he looks like he's innocent doing his laundry at a local laundromat. He is approached by a cute Asian chick, enough to make Valkor blush, and somehow his bad ass personality makes a normal flirting scene so violent. He goes to his apartment to train on being a bad ass ninja and we are then given bits and pieces on why he is the way he is. He happens to be an orphan taken in by the Ozunu ninja clan. Father Ozunu (Sho Kosugi) treats him like a bastard son compared to his other siblings he becomes his main pupil next to Takeshi (Rick Yune). Through the story, he yearns to feel emotion and love which he begins to find through this very cute ninja (Linh Dan Pham). She disobeys the Father Ozunu which in turn she is later killed by Takeshi in a public execution ripping the heart out of Raizo's chest. Going back to the actual modern day story, Agent Mika is warned by Agent Maslow that the government is going for their heads because they know too much. There happens to be a blackout in her neighborhood, she goes into her apartment to nearly get killed by the ninjas she gathered information on. She is saved by Raizo who reveals he betrayed his clan and they are after him too. This is where the fun begins…

The Good:

The story is freakin beautiful. I heard review from critics that it was all blood, violence, and fighting THEY WERE DEAD WRONG!!!!! Kill Bill Vol.1 has less story then this I was surprised they went through so much detail in more than an hour which impressed me a lot. Oh yeah I love martial arts flicks so if I didn't like this you would have heard it plus it was violent!! YAY!!!!

The Bad:

If you read the review from critics that critique this movie expecting it to be Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon instead of a different ninja action flick glad I didn't read into the reviews before I saw the movie YOU GUYS WHO GAVE STUPID REVIEWS ON THIS GOOD MOVIE YOU SUCK!!!!

The Ugly:



Ninja Assassin became a personal classic for me. The people behind the film deserve a ton of credit for the action, because along with the story for me it made this movie complete. Out of TOV 5 stars I give Ninja Assassin a perfect 5.


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Ninja Assassin Review
The Good: The story, action
The Bad: The critics who say this film suck
The Ugly: N/A
TOV 5 star rating: 5 stars
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