• Marchon EX3D 3D Eyewear Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. The summer of films has begun (even though we're officially still in spring) and the choices look quite pleasing, with Marvel's Thor leading the pack (at least for me). So the only real decision one must make is – to 3D or not 3D? Well the folks at Marchon are banking you choose 3D – and rightfully so, because they're putting out an awesome lineup of 3D glasses that second as sunglasses. Check it out its Marchon EX3D and they're coming soon to a theater near you.

To start, the EX3D lineup have a variety styles to choose from – if you're male, female, teen, tweens, above and below, you're destined to find a pair that'll suit you. Each design features UV protection, scratch resistance, and of course they're RealD certified, which means if you have a RealD TV (with media) or heading out to the cinema to catch the latest 3D flick, then no need to stop and get a pair, you've got a pair of your own – with style. So indoors and out, Marchon's got you covered.

Marchon EX3D 3D Eyewear

But the big question is "why even invest in a pair of 3D sunglasses to begin with"? There's actually two good answers for that; first you won't have to wear a pair of recycled 3D glasses; I think germaphobes will appreciate that one. And second, you'll standout from a crowd of blacks (glasses ya bunch a racist!) – No longer will your friends have to search long and hard to find you should they leave your side, because your Marchon's beam of coolness that can't be missed. Individuality – I wants me some of that!

I had the chance to check out a pair while watching Thor. And to make a long story short, Thor was a great film, but I wasn't impressed with the 3D aspects. It has nothing to do with the glasses; I just feel you can go either way with this film. But what did I think of the EX3Ds overall?

The Good:

My feelings towards sunglasses that second as 3D glasses are the same since I first checked out similar glasses by Gunnar – I think it's a great idea! It was nice having to bypass the line where the guy was handing out the RealD glasses and rock a pair of my own. The EX3D's were very comfortable and fit over my own glasses with no discomfort. Without my glasses the EX3Ds feature a nice wraparound design, blocking out most distracting lights in the theaters. Outdoors they do a good job in keeping out much of the sun. Finally I'm impressed with the clarity – indoors and out, that the EX3Ds give off. Viewing images onscreen look amazingly crisp and clear, and for that I can appreciate the power behind these glasses. Outdoors you have the reduction in glare and you can't hate on that level of protection.

The Bad:


Marchon EX3D 3D Eyewear

The Ugly:


Marchon will be testing the EX3D waters next month (June) in San Diego at UltraStar theaters. Price ranges will be between 25 and 80 bucks, with plenty of styles to choose from. Expect more machines in more cities to follow soon after. Until then you can color me impressed with the Marchon EX3D glasses – they're stylish, comfortable, and makes watching 3D films that much more of a treat. Out of TOV 5 stars I give the EX3D a 4.5 and the EX3D glasses have been Valkor tested, TOV Approved!