• Masque Sexual Flavors Review

Masque Sexual Flavors Hey gang, Valkor here. Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I didn't expect to do anything based around this romantic holiday. So I slapped together TOV's top ten films for Valentine's day. Well let me toss out one more piece that should fit perfectly for the day. And if you're looking to add some "flavor" in the bedroom, you might want to give Masque a try.

Masque Sexual Flavors

Masque is a candy that's meant to enhance oral pleasure by making the process of "going down" more flavorful. The biggest qualm between men and women, but especially men is that they hate going down on a person because of "the taste". Masque eliminates that fear of ruining your senses and thus the experience by treating your taste buds to a world of euphoric delight that will ultimately heighten your oral love making experience. Masque is kinda like a fruit rollup, but more like a Listerine mint strip; you simply peel open the packaging, peel away the candy gel strip, let it rest and dissolve on tongue for 15 seconds and then you go to town. Followed by a rush of minty goodness, the flavor lasts about 15 minutes, but your experience may vary. Masque currently comes in four flavors – Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango (a Val-Favorite), and Watermelon. I'm looking forward to more flavors and may I suggest Pineapple, Grape, Orange, and Peach. Peach… I could eat a peach for hours.

Masque Sexual Flavors

Now ladies and gentlemen, Masque isn't used to take the stink away, it's supposed to make it easier for you or your partner to taste the fruit of your (or their) loins. So be kind to your partner and scrub it up before you chow down.

The Good:

I'll be honest I've never had an issue giving a woman a gratuitous tongue lashing on her nether regions before. And trutheshly I prefer to give than to receive when it comes to oral sex – I simply don't get off on it. BUT I WON'T TURN DOWN THE OFFER! Masque, to me, makes the event that much more enjoyable because of the addition of flavor where there usually is none. On top of that, because of this new addition to the experience, it makes you that much more… vigorous. The first and only time I tried Masque, I was lost in the moment – I didn't think about what I was doing, I was just doing it and doing it with mucho gusto! Africans in front of a buffet table never chowed down so fast! Masque doesn't have the greatest taste, but it really does the job of "masking" any distinct tastes affiliated with the experience. In the end, it's one hell of a product and my anxiously awaits another go.

Masque Sexual Flavors

The Bad:

First up, as I mentioned above, Masques' actual taste isn't so great and the worst offender is the Watermelon. It's not terrible or disgusting… I can't describe it, but once you put it in your mouth you'll know what I mean. But once it settles in, it's not so bad. Next, you can get three single serve strips of Masque in a pack for 9.95 (linkage to the right). Now that might seem expensive to some and it kinda is since you can actually buy Listerine strips, which give you 20 in a pack and offers up a similar experience *cue the rush on Listerine Strips*. Finally, in my testing, I found the effect to wear off after ten minutes. That didn't stop me, having that extra 5 minutes of mango goodness would have been awesome.

Masque Sexual Flavors

The Ugly:


If you're one of the many guys (or gals), who find difficulty in orally crossing the fellatio plains, then most definitely give Masque a run. This Valentine's Day, give your partner and your taste buds a night to remember. And out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving Masque a 4.5 and it's Valkor tested, TOV Approved!