Musubo Collection iPhone 4/4S Case Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. I've seen and reviewed stylish cases before like itms from Speck, Case-Mate and NXE, but never have I've reviewed a case that was stylish and also… bold. TOV welcomes into the Val-Cave Musubo, who come bearing a host of iPhone 4/4S cases that's sure to turn some heads.

Musubo Collection

Taken from the Musubo website: Enter the world of Musubo where stunning designs transform the real into surreal, where protection and fashion are seamlessly merged into awe-inspiring, unique carrying solutions. Inspired by Tokyo street fashion, the Musubo Collection ignites the imagination and sparks conversation.

Yea, It's not always about protecting your phone, but it's also about finding the perfect look to match your style. And Musubo doesn't slouch when it comes to variety. At the jump you have eight different styles to choose from in a variety of colors. Of the 8 we have three in house – Eden, Sneaker, and Retro. But there's also Rubberband, Sexy, Matchbook Pro, Ripple, and Double X. Each case comes with different features, each style comes with all-port access, and as far as I can tell each one come with a video stand to prop your phone on your desk; it's not just for watching videos, but also for quick access to check the time or see who's calling without having to reach for your device. So let's take a quick look at the three featured cases.

Musubo Collection

Eden - Has a nice leafy look to it, soft interior and a tough exterior.

Sneaker – Similar to Eden, but it looks like the outsole (bottom portion) of a sneaker. The Sneaker design offers up two different plates, within one package, to choose from.

Retro (Val Favorite) – Awesome case that offers up dual layer protection: you get a soft inner lining and a hard outer case. Has that look of an old timie microphone, plus there's a hole where the Apple logo shows. Not many cases offer that much and I know you iPhone fans just love to show off your devices.

Musubo Collection

And after giving all three cases the once over, let's see how they fare in the TOV Breakdown.

The Bang:

When it comes to the Musubo cases, first and foremost, I gotta give it up the number of styles and colors you have to choose from; there's so many that it'd be hard not to find one that's right for you. I'm already sold on Retro, but I can see myself rockin out with the Double X. The looks are very bold and you'd definitely do a double take when you see one out in the wild (I've seen the stares). I love it! The cases that I tested didn't add any serious extra weight or girth to my device, so carrying it in my top pocket was cake. So, number of designs, a variety of colors, and great portability, makes Musbo's cases easily one of the best, if not THE BEST case manufacture out there.

Musubo Collection

The Slack:

The plastic shell they store them in; can they BE any harder to open? Seriously, I wanted to take a hammer to it or throw it against the wall. Is this what it feels like to break into Fort Knox?

Musubo Collection

Musubo, other than that crazy plastic case, hands down, your cases are the bee's knees (that's right I said it). I love the different styles, the colors, and how they stand out amongst a sea of cases. Really, very cool cases indeed. So out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving Musubo a perfect 5, plastic shell be damned the case was totally worth the effort of cracking that bad boy open.

Musubo Collection


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