• Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Movie Review

Hello everyone, my name is Epic-1 and this is my first review for TOV. hopefully, with much more to come. So Valkor and I went to the premiere of "Prince Caspian" and all I have to say is - "Reepicheep"! So our story starts on a very dark night and we see this woman giving birth to a boy, who we find out is the son of King Miraz (Sergio Castellitto). And with this news Miraz sends his men to go kill his nephew Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes). Caspian's mentor, professor Cornelius rescues him in time and we switch to him running into the woods with some kind of horn and Miraz's men (Telmarines) after him. Caspian gets knocked out by some dwarf, but not before he blows the horn. We then move to Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy; a year has passed and we see them waiting for a train. Suddenly, through magic, they're back in Narnia. We learn that 1,300 years have passed and the Narnians are almost all extinct, their palace is destroyed, and the Telmarines are in charge. We then see Caspian wake up and he sees a badger walking and talking, which tells him that there are more Narnians around. And he'll need to form an army to go against his uncle. Along the way, some Telmarines show up and attack, but we see them fall one by one. We find out its the best character of the movie Reepicheep (He's AWESOME!!). The story continues with Caspian gathering the Narnians and Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy trying to get to where everyone is at. They finally go against Miraz at his own castle, lose, retreat and then Miraz becomes king, who then goes to attack them at some ruins. But he is challenged by King Peter in a great fight sequence. Miraz loses and is killed by one of his own men who takes over and decides to attack. Wait! I bet you're asking where is Aslan in all this? Well, while Miraz and Peter are fighting, Lucy who is the only one who saw him this whole time, went to find him. and after all this, he really doesn't do anything but bring the trees back to life. And, oh yeah, he brings to life the bigger than screen water sprite or King Neptune or whatever you want to call it. All I know is that this was great. He destroys all the other villains and kills the new villain who just took over a few minutes ago (lol I know he regrets killing Miraz now lol). The end of the movie shows Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy going back home; but not before we see Prince Caspian and Queen Susan kiss and Lucy hug her new little friend (Valkor cries here lol).

The Good

Everything is good, except for Reepicheep, the battles, and the humongous water sprite, which were GREAT

The bad

The only thing that I think of that was bad - there was not enough Aslan, the White Witch, who was used in the middle of the film for no reason at all but to fill some screen time, and the kiss between Prince Caspian and Queen Susan, which took too long to happen.

The ugly

Besides some ugly looking characters, nothing is ugly about this movie.

I'm giving "Prince Caspian" 4.5 stars only because we should have seen more Aslan. And when he finally arrives we get nothing but a roar. This has been your new friendly neighborhood reporter Epic-1 tested and TOV approved.

Peace up out 1