• RealView V-Screen For Sony PSP Review

Hey folks Valkor here. I was introduced to this next company, RealView, at CES 2010 and from the floor model of the V-Screen, I wasn't entirely impressed because 1) the game was Fifa soccer and I don't play soccer games and 2) the lights were so bright that the V-Screen gave off this strange, strobe light effect. Now the Val-Cave has a V-Screen and in its environment (among other areas where I used the device) I have to say I am impressed.

The V-Screen has two jobs to its repertoire: First it acts as a screen enhancer giving you more depth in your visuals than just staring at the screen on the regular. The Screen itself was made with a medical purpose in mind. Here is a direct quote taken from the press release:

"The V-Screen's unique optical technology was first developed for the medical world to enhance the depth cues hidden in existing images"

What does this mean for us PSP users? The V-Screen is supposed to take our gaming to a whole new level by giving it a 3D perspective without the glasses. On-screen sprites will be bigger and you'll have a deeper gaming experience. The screen is lodged within the upper level of the casing and with a flick of a switch it glides right out and into place just above your screen.

Oh and that second job? It makes one nifty little travelling case. But what did I think of the V-Screen?

The Bang:

First and foremost the V-Screen does exactly what the RealView company states and that it gives you a bigger picture, deeper gaming experience, and improved visuals. Playing games like God Eater, Lunar, Bleach, and MLB 2007: The Show was way better than just staring at the screen and I could keep the system at a distance rather than bringing up close, especially when it comes to pulling off some cool moves and major plays. I mean it looks as though you can really dive right into the video game world and join in. Prime example is the Ghotto forest in Lunar; the playing field has way more depth to it. And After taking away the screen, the images look flat. The V-screen is also pretty cool because the case has openings for the shoulder buttons, power and headphone port. Finally the Anti-Glare coating works immensely, which makes me think the model on the show floor didn't have this because UGH! But at homeā€¦ nice! Also the screen does smudge easy, but they do give you a cloth to wipe em off.

The Slack:

I wouldn't essentially call these bad, but areas where the V-Screen could improve. The first is that the V-Screen cuts off the image so you will have to tilt the screen in order to watch your energy bar, check the score or any other stats that would be at the top, bottom and sometimes the side. So a bigger, maybe wider screen would be in order. And 2nd is the opening for the shoulder buttons, which are too small and makes accessing those buttons uncomfortable.

The Ugly:

You can't stare at into the V-Screen for too long, it boggles the eyes.

If you're a PSP owner, doesn't matter if it's 1000, 2000, or 3000 and you want a bigger picture with your gaming plus a nifty carrying case then I recommend the RealView V-Screen. Sure it's not perfect, but you get a deeper gaming experience. Out of TOV 5 stars I give the RealView V-Screen 3.5 stars and it's been Valkor tested and TOV approved.