• Sex and The City Movie Review

So last night I received "the call" - The Wingman Call. And I'm sure that every guy knows what I'm talking about; when your friend is being dragged by his girlfriend or wife to some boring event, party or in this case a chick flick, they need a buddy to help keep their sanity. So I asked: what's the movie? And my buddy answers, "Sex and the City". Now, normally I would've just said, "I got you". But this is a chick flick times 100. So, I was going to say that the wingman call wasn't working and then it hit me: my wife was going to want to see it as well and I wouldn't have to be a wingman. So I killed two birds with one stone, plus I was able to get a review out of it for TOV.

Now for all of you who don't know about "Sex and the City", it was an HBO series that won many awards, and it was about four women who live in New York, are best friends and together they go through just about everything women go through; from boyfriends to breakups, childbirth, cancer, and just living their lives. Oh yeah, and we can't forget about the sex. So, the movie takes place three years after the ending of the HBO series. First, we have Miranda (Cynthia Dixon). She moved to Brooklyn to be with her son and her husband, who cheats on her because he wasn't getting any sex from her. And after six months they finally decide to do it and she says, "Can you just hurry up and finish"? WOW!!! So they go through the movie with him asking for forgiveness and her denying him. Finally, after five months and some therapy she forgives him. Second, we have Samantha (Kim Cattrall), who moved to Hollywood with her younger model boyfriend and visits New York every chance she gets. A new neighbor moves in next door, who was having sex every night with a different woman, and she wanted to be with him. This is where a lot of the nudity of the movie comes in with lots of sex tossed in (Valkor's note: What's "Sex and the City" without the "Sex" right?). Well, at the end she breaks up with her boyfriend just because she felt she wasn't making herself happy and it was all about her. Third we have Charlotte (Kristin Davis) who lives with her husband and their adopted daughter. They find out that she is pregnant; she realizes that her life is perfect and she's nervous because she thought she couldn't have any kids so she believes that something might happen to the baby. but of course nothing happens and she has the baby with no complications. Last but not least, we have Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) an author who falls in love with Mr. Big(Chris Noth). He buys her this big penthouse condo, makes her the perfect closet (which every woman in the place was like "awwww" when he showed it to her and every guy was like "oh shit I'm in trouble"), and they agree to get married. Long story short Big gets the wedding day jitters, leaves Carrie stranded at the alter, she goes into depression, the girls are there for her and after everything she forgives him. The two get married anyway and everything is great at the end of the movie.

The Good

Everything is great about "Sex and the City" and it was a total surprise; I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Every time I thought it was going to get to that part where I was going to hate it, something funny happened. This movie hilarious from beginning to end especially when they went to Mexico and Charlotte didn't want to eat or drink anything at a five-star hotel except for some yogurt made in Poughkeepsie. She gets in her workout, relaxes and in the shower drinks water and tries to get to a bathroom, can't and she poops her "Poughkeepsie". Mario Cantone makes a couple of appearances in the movie and makes some funny comments as well and it's just one funny thing after another with this film.

The Bad

There's really nothing bad that I can say about this film. I really wanted to hate this movie but I actually liked it a lot. Sorry guys "Sex and the City" is definitely worth watching. And while you're with your significant other, I promise you'll both laugh through the entire affair.

The Ugly


So, in conclusion go watch "Sex and the City"; it's a great time and loads of fun. Out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving it 5 stars this has been Epic-1 tested and TOV approved!!