• Speck iPad 2 Candyshell and Burton Fabshell iPhone 4 Case Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. A couple weeks ago, the folks at Speck dropped into town, always bringing along their treasure trove of goodies. Of course I had to sift through the pile and what I found are a couple of items that will light up the eyes of all you iPhone 4 and iPad users. We're doubling down on Speck this round with the Burton Fabshell Fitted case for the iPhone 4 and the Candyshell Wrap for the iPad 2.

Let's kick things off with the Burton Fabshells. Speck is teaming up with snowboard company Burton, creating a unique, "fabric-backed, fabshell" designed case for you iPhone 4 fans. It has all the openings to access your phones features, about eleven designs to choose from, plus they fit over your AT&T, Verizon, and the recently released iPhone 4s (welcome Sprint users). It's very lightweight, with shock-absorbing protection and has extremely bold colors that make your phone stand out amongst the crowd.

Speck Cases

Next up is the iPad 2 Candyshell Wrap. It's a glossy hard shell case, with a flip cover good for protecting your iPad 2 dust, liquids, and other grimy things that might plague your system. The flip cover does double duty in not only acting as a cover, but you can turn it into an angled rest, making typing that much easier. Oh you just want your tablet to stand there and look pretty huh? Well the Candyshell case also features a kickstand, so if you have a cool image you wanna keep on display or watch a movie, then BAM! You're good to go.

Speck Cases

Since I don't own either items, close friends of TOV have sacrificed the use of their preciouses in order to procure free shit. Believe me I ain't hatin because it's always a blast when you can drag friends along for the ride. And with that, let's jump in with the TOV Breakdown.

The Bang:

Starting with the Burton case, I have to say I was really impressed when you see the case wrapped around the iPhone 4; the custom design really stands out. It's very lightweight and the fabric simply feels nice. Ya can't hate on that. Now the Candyshell for the iPad 2, it's just perfect, especially for a frequent flyer as the added rest makes it easier for getting in work or some fun while trying to pass the time. Plus you have the added benefit of protecting the screen as well.

Speck Cases

The Slack:

For the Burton, the fabric style casing tends to attract dirt, so be careful in that respect. As for the Candyshell, well that attracts fingerprints. Not a huge issue, but keep a few clothes handy.

Speck can do no wrong in the house of Val… at least not yet, but I patiently bide my time for when that day does come, I'll be all over them like white on rice… a-hem. In any case, both the iPad 2 Candyshell and Burton Fabshell Fitted cases can be picked up from the Speck site, which you can reach by clicking the logo to the right. And out of TOV 5 stars, I'm gonna give both cases a 4.5, and they've been Valkor tested, TOV Approved!