• Taking Chances (Patriotville) Review

It's your friendly neighborhood reporter Epic-1!!!! When I say Justin Long, most people think funny movies like Waiting, Accepted, Dodgeball, or even the Mac and PC commercials (He's a Mac). On the flip side he's also done not so funny movies like Galaxy Quest, Herbie: Fully Loaded, Alvin and the Chipmunks (voice of Alvin), and let us not forget Crossroads (maybe we should forget that one). Well, where is this latest flick featuring Justin Long belong?

Taking Chances (or Patriotville) features Justin Long as Chase, a history buff who fell in love with history because his deceased mother was a history teacher and taught him everything. Chase must try and stop the city and it's Mayor Fishback (Rob Corddry) from turning the area where his re-enactments take place (and also his place of work) at the local history museum into a casino. Chase has some help from Lucy (Emmanuelle Chriqui), an out of control girl who he believes is a virgin, and we later find out that she is sleeping with the mayor as well. Helping Chase to realize the potential of a casino is his best friend and also the man who sleeps with every chick possible, Digger (Keir O'Donnell), the best is when he fucks the girl with the cast on. After all his tries, unfortunately the casino is signed for and construction is about to begin. The only thing is that Chase finds out that the Indians (David Jensen, Robert Beltran, and Kimberly Guerrero) are fake; actually criminals, and have just ran away with the city's money. Now throw in some humorous spots, some drama, and some love and you have this movie all mixed in one.

The Good

The moral of the story, which is….who the hell am I kidding this movie had nothing really good except Emmanuelle Chriqui she is hot!!!

The Bad

Everything about this movie is bad. Not once did I laugh, and I believe that this movie was a little to racist at some points. Every time that Mayor Fishback spoke to the Indians he made a racist remark or gesture. The story line was boring and drawn out; the acting was even bad. I don't blame the actors in this though because who can act well in such a bad movie. Then we have the opportunity for some recovery when Lucy is seen fucking the mayor and not even some brief nudity.

The Ugly

Who in the hell thought that Mayor Fishback's wife would find out about him cheating and still help Lucy and Chase, without even beating up Lucy or even cursing her out? Then the movie ends with Chase leaving the town by himself, he doesn't even get the girl WTF!!!!

So, in conclusion Taking Chances or Patriotville is just a movie that belongs in the not so funny part of Justin Long repertoire and I rate it a 1 star out of 5 stars (It is still better than Ghosts of Goldfield, read that review).