• Penguin United 10 in 1 Essential Travel Kit for DSi Review

Hey folks, Valkor here. And this next review goes out to all you owners of the Nintendo DSi. The folks at Penguin United sent over a nifty DSi Survival kit that one who really wants to take care of their portable system won’t wanna do without. But to be exact it’s called the Penguin United 10 in 1 Essential Travel kit for DSi. Talk about a mouthful.

The DSi kit has everything any owner of the DSi will ever need. To start you get two cases, one for your carts, which holds 24 carts in all. The other is for the DSi, but you can also store two extra carts, cables, headphones, stylus, just about anything DS related that can fit in there, will. Second you get a plastic shell casing, for that extra protection from outer scratches. If you’re prone to losing your stylus, the kit comes with three (3) of em. The coolest accessory the kit comes with is a car charger, which is especially good for the kiddies when you’re on one of those long car trips and the battery runs out. You also get a pair of stereo headphones, a cleaning cloth, and plastic screen covers.

Penguin United 10 in 1

Not too shabby for 24.99 eh?

The Good

This is really an essential kit that every DS or DSi owner should consider owning. First and foremost is the carry pouch for the system works in so many ways. Not only can you pack a lot of stuff in it, but the belt strap works in that it’s easy to hook to your belt with its button snap. This is especially good if your going through airport security since the snap makes it easy to take it off and put it back on rather than dealing with the static loop. I’m also a big fan of the car charger, not just for the kiddies but for the adults to who might have forgotten to charge their system the night before and can do it while on their travels.

The Bad

I had a feeling the ear buds would make the bad section and after testing em out on a DS system, PSP, and my laptop, I have concluded that yes they would not be my choice for any use other than if maybe, MAYBE I happen to lose the pair I was using and I needed a back up pair.

The Ugly


Penguin United 10 in 1

Penguin United will definitely get some positives raves with their DSi Essential Travel Kit; it’s the perfect essential for anyone who wants the best for their system and at 24.99, you really can’t go wrong. Out of 5 TOV stars I’m giving the Essential DSi kit 4 stars and it’s been Valkor tested and TOV approved. Now bring on an Essential PSP travel kit for yours truly.