Gameforge 2011 Press Preview

Yo kimosabes, Valkor at your service. So you like "Free to Play" games? Of course you do, who doesn't like free? Well the folks at Gameforge saddled up into the NYC area to show off cool new titles that might pique your interest, I know my curiosity is piqued. So let's not waste any more time and check out two titles, the first of which I covered briefly at this year's E3 "Star Trek - Infinite Space" and the second is most definitely up my alley, "Hellbreed". Check em!

Star Trek - Infinite Space – If you didn't check out my E3 2011 report, don't worry I'll recap here. Infinite Space is set in and around the Deep Space 9 universe, you'll commandeer your own ship (with plenty to choose from), with most major factions represented in the game – Humans, Klingons, Cardassians, Ferengi, etc. You'll have the chance to walk around your ship, interact with your crew and when you're ready you can begin your missions, of which there are many. Once you're mission is set, you'll guide your ship either with your mouse or you can use a mouse/keyboard combo to maneuver and fight the forces that stand against you. As a defense you have your shield, but it depletes after battle and in certain spots so you have to keep a close watch. With weapons you'll have a wide range from the usual photon torpedoes and lasers as well as launch turrets, stun mines, and wave attacks. The first scenario I checked out, which was played by the rep, he used an Intrepid class starship taking out Klingon ships and showing me how to combo: Stun/Turret/Wave or Stun/Tractor Beam/Turret. And in one instance, he was surrounded by dozens of ships, dude called in back up to pull his ass out of the fire. NICE!!! After that I got a little hands on; I won't go too in-depth because then we'll be skatin in review territory. But I found that for a browser based game, its pretty slick. It will take some time getting used to the mechanics, but I think most will manage, it's not all that difficult really especially if you've ever played a game like Starcraft or even the original Warcraft.

Hellbreed – As much as I love everything Star Trek, especially when it's based on Deep Space Nine, I'll do a quick 180 when someone shows me anything fantasy based. And Gameforge has just the title I've been looking for to kill some minutes and satiate my need to... kill stuff on a daily basis. Enter Hellbreed, an action/adventure hack and slash, top down role playing game. You get to play as three different characters – a Warrior, Huntress, or Siege Master in a quest to reunite the world of Manjuri. There's tons of weapons and armor that you can either find, take from fallen foes, or purchase using either gold (in-game money) or diamonds (these can be bought using real money). You can play through each realm either alone or with other players, plus chat with those players at the hub, where you can also meet with NPC vendors to stock up before entering the next realm. I've actually started playing the game and I'll be going more in-depth as I get further hands on with this exciting title.

Both games show promise and I can't wait to experience more from either of them. Until then take a glance at these sweet vids and images and we'll be back with more hands on and in-depth looks at this dynamic duo.


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