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TYLT Powerplant

Hey gang, Valkor here. When I purchased my first smartphone, I was made aware that I needed two things – a case and a screen protector. At that time I thought it was AT&T trying to upsell me… and it pretty much worked as I ended up getting one. But then I got my second phone and with no AT&T intervention, people kept telling me "you need a case and cover for the screen". Dealing with a case? No issue, just pop/slide in and you're done. But dealing with those damn screen protectors? I suck at putting those things on because it always – ALWAYS bubbles. Enter TYLT, who's previous stint in the Val-Cave garnished them a TOV award for their Powerplant Battery pack; they've come up with a solution for my and many others problem of slapping a cover on our screen. Introducing the TYLT Cloak Invisible Screen Protection.

TYLT Cloak

The Cloak screen protector isn't just a simple "slap on a piece of plastic and hope for the best" system. No. What's in the box will change the way you apply a screen cover. Inside you get two covers, a squeegee and an application solution. And what you do is spray the cover (sticky side), carefully place it on the device, adjust, use the squeegee to wipe away excess liquid, wet the squeegee again wiping once more, and let it set for one hour and BAM! You get a screen protector sans bubbles. Once applied, it's made to make your screen appear as though there's nothing there while protecting it from smudges and scratches.

TYLT Cloak

Following the instructions (to the letter) I proceeded to apply a Cloak to the Samsung Galaxy S4. And the end result is thus:

TYLT Cloak

You'll notice there are a couple of bubbles on screen. But when the device is powered on you can see there's no issue with clarity (image below). You can get the Cloak system for either the Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 5. Now let's delve into the TOV Breakdown and see if this system is actually worth its weight.

TYLT Cloak

The Bang:

A few bubbles aside TYLT has created a wonderful product in the Cloak protector, allowing even clumsy hands like mine to apply the screen protector with ease. Sure there are quite a few steps but the assurance that your screen is well covered without the loss of clarity, even making the colors stand out a bit more, makes the Cloak a winner in my book.

The Slack:

I won't knock off points for the minor bubbling that appears; that may have happened during my testing but results will vary from person to person. And given the fact that I have zero skill at applying a screen cover… I have to say I did a pretty sweet job.

TYLT Cloak

The TYLT Cloak Invisible Screen Protector is the perfect system that makes a job that's sometimes complicated for most (myself included) much easier. Wanna know more about the Cloak or you're interested in getting one for yourself? Simply click that logo to the right. And as it stands, out of TOV 5 stars, I'm giving the TYLT Cloak a 4.5 and it's been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.

TYLT Cloak

If you happen to get a hold a TYLT Cloak, drop and post your results. I'd love to see how well you guys did in comparison.

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