TYLT Powerplant Portable Battery Pack Review

TYLT Powerplant Hey gang, Valkor here. And I'm on the eve of PAX East 2013 - almost two years to the date since the last time I attended. My bags are packed, my gear is set and my body is ready for what will surely be a fun weekend of gaming and nerding it up with friends and affiliates. My only major concern is my gear and keeping it running up to snuff during the event. And since I don't want to have to stop to charge, I'm gonna need some back up. And if you're in the same boat, whether it be this event or future outings, then you'll need power to keep your tech running without having to stop. I've covered a couple of battery backups thus far and now I offer a third choice. From CES 2013 (Digital Experience to be precise), check it out its new company to the Val-Cave TYLT and they're showing off the Powerplant. How will it compare to the myCharge Summit or Rosewill's Two-Port battery? Let's find out.

TYLT Powerplant

TYLT's Powerplant is a small, rectangular in shape and easily fits in the palm of your hand. The Powerplant comes in different flavors and by that I mean each battery comes with a different connector – 30 pin, micro USB, and Lightning (for iPhone 5 users). The connector extends from the side of the battery with a flexible, rubbery cord that locks back into place when not in use. It's all very discreet until you pop the top to reveal your Micro USB port for charging (cable included) the battery and a universal USB port so other than the preferred device, you can also power up other devices. Rounding out the features, on the other end of the battery are the indicator lights to check how much juice you have left and next to the lights is your power/status button for starting it up and checking the levels. Internally the Powerplant holds a battery, with a power level of 5200mAh and touts rapid charging of up to two hours. Plus you can charge two devices at the same time. Before we dive into the breakdown, let's see how the Powerplant compares to the myCharge and Rosewill Two-Port; this is taking into account the type of battery and price.

TYLT Powerplant

Vs. myCharge – The highest level myCharge, which would be compared to the Powerplant, would be the Peak 6000, which offers up a 6000 mAh battery at a price roughly 80 bucks. However the Powerplant checks in at 69 dollars with a battery that's 5200 mAh, so you get a little less power, but it also costs less and the size of the Powerplant makes it easier to store just about anywhere with ease. I'm gonna put the Powerplant ahead on this one, but only by a little. Yes the myCharge does offer voice indicating battery life and when it's done charging, but simple wins in my book and you can't get any simpler than the Powerplant.

Vs. Rosewill Two-Port – No question, Rosewill takes this one by a huge margin offering a much larger battery at a lower price. Plus it comes with all the tips to charge a wide variety of devices, in case you didn't have your power cord with you or you'd prefer one less wire to bring along. The only downside is that the Two-Port is larger; while its still portable, its much more noticeable than the Powerplant. Still, without question, Rosewill takes this one with ease.

However, on its own, is the Powerplant worth the purchase?

TYLT Powerplant

The Bang:

The answer is a resounding YES! Yes it is worth the cost; the price is pretty reasonable, but out of the box you're getting a pretty strong battery that can charge a wide range of devices, not just the specific device based on the embedded connector. Plus the two hour rapid charging is about right; my Galaxy Note 2 was down 50% and within one hour after plugging it into the Powerplant, it was charged and ready to go. The size is also a huge plus as it can easily slip into a purse or a small pouch of a messenger or backpack with no problem. You can even drop it in your pocket, though it does have weight you can feel. Overall the TYLT Powerplant is a pretty impressive battery, definitely worth the price of admission.

The Slack:

It's a little heavy, but only noticeable if you put the battery in your pocket.

TYLT Powerplant

Don't get caught with your device in the red and nowhere to charge, head on over to the TYLT website and consider walking away with a Powerplant Portable Battery Pack; the price is right, it fits right in your pocket, and it'll surely handle all your charging needs. So after tallying up all the good, bad, and versus I'm giving TYLT's Powerplant 4.5 out of TOV 5 stars. And it's been Valkor tested, TOV Approved.

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