Clint James InterView

First of all thank you from The Other View and myself Epic-1. Just so you know this is my first interview ever and I thank Mr. James so much for allowing me this opportunity. We will start with some easy questions then they get a little harder.

Epic-1: How did you prepare to get into the character of Tills?

Clint: .Funny that you ask. Till was a very irritable person. He was very curious of outsiders. He liked to use people. He enjoyed killing. So I wrote up a back story for his character and wanted him to unload all of his aggression from his past from him having an abusive father and killing his first man at a very young age to the rage that he doesn't now how to control. All that played a huge part. I drank a lot of coffee as well before the scenes. It made him a little more wired. He's the type of guy that shakes when he gets upset. Saying all that my character was very constricted while on set as well. What I mean by that is that I couldn't have much movement. I was very static because of the creeks in the chair and table or even when I walked on the floor. The sound guy would say something because the noises were stepping on my lines. We weren't suppose to do ADR and ended up doing it in the end. So Till was irritated by that as well.

Epic-1:What made you chose the role of Tills in Redemption?

Clint: I didn't really choose the role. I believe it was one of the only parts that Robert Conway had yet to cast. A friend of mine set up the audition and I fit the bill. At least some say I did.

Epic-1: Now me personally, I love the villains of the movie did you enjoy playing the villain or would you rather liked to have played the hero?

Clint: The villain. I mean honestly. Till thought he owned the southern part of a town. The guy's not all there. He has issues and I quite enjoyed venting them.

Epic-1: If you could work with any producer who would it be?

Clint: Quentin Tarantino hands down

Epic-1:If you could work with any leading actress who would it be?

Clint: Cate Blanchett. I would love to work with her. But there's so many talented actress's out there. Known and unknown.

Epic-1: What's the next movie we will see you in?

Clint: No idea. And that's not the name of the movie either.

Epic-1: If you weren't acting what would you be doing?

Clint: I would be a bank robber. Something like that. Jewel thief.

Epic-1: What is your favorite sport and team?

Clint: I'm not a sport kind of guy. I mean I'll go out and play the game or go to a game but to sit in front of the T.V is not my thing. I went to the Bluejays vs. Yankee's game in Toronto the other day with my friend Simon. That I enjoy.

Epic-1: What kind of music do you listen to?

Clint: I don't really listen to music either, however when my wife Kimberly is rocking out I usually do as well.

Epic-1: Describe yourself in 3 words?

Clint: Driven, Focused, and Balanced.(Valkor's Note: I'm gonna give you his original answer to this one because I thought it was very funny, but someone wanted it changed... not naming any names, but in response Clint answered "I-Am-Ukranian")

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